Wednesday, February 27, 2013


This FB post, plus the links below, made me smile.  Youth are the hope.  Most adaptable to change, most likely to resist the status quo, and most eager for a better future.
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  1. I had an idea that one of the things us armchair activists could do is to start a mentor type program with Belize. I was a mentor to high school students when I worked at Hewlett-Packard.
    It just entails being available to help them academically. The program i was in, the kids were tasked with doing a special project and they used the mentors to help them. We could do something simpler like help them with schoolwork. be available to just talk to them if they need it. Kinda like a Big brother/Big sister.

    I would be up for it. We would need to partner with someone in Belize and we could start small. The whole point would be letting them know they are not alone and that people really do care.

    Along with that, maybe we could start some kind of program so that they can get uniforms and supplies so they can actually go to school.

    They are the future of their own country and they need to get educated. I'm sure there are programs like this already in other countries. maybe even in Belize. As a Hat Tip to John mcAfee, we could start in orange Walk.

  2. Very good idea, SL. Those kids need and deserve some guidance. We really need to find a trusted, local contact in Belize.
    Kudos to Caricom for launching this program.

  3. Also thought it was an excellent idea. Perhaps Caricom can give us some leads to any existing programs.
    Question it true that computer ownership is very limited in Belize? I've seen the ads for internet service (insanity), but does that equate to only a few students having access to a computer?
    I'm trying hard to find a reputable local contact. Waiting to hear back from a knowledgeable source.

  4. Cool. DB!
    Was this from the skatepark facebook page?
    That's exactly what we need to find.

    1. yep. the other links are fb pages too....lots of info.