Tuesday, March 12, 2013

GOOD RIDDANCE...........

The court of public opinion has been quite vocal about JM for a while...... the whole time we've been following for sure.  And certainly after several articles did their best to make him look crazy and unbalanced, or a possible suspect of the Faull murder,  we knew the hostile, often barbarous comments were inevitable.  But before that?

For one thing, I've learned that being called names or defending himself wasn't new to John in Nov. 2012, the way we might have imagined.  I mean, you think; the guys a millionaire, he donates money, employs locals, gives speeches....he's a freakin' genius living in Paradise, so what's the problem?  And if there was one, wouldn't you talk to him about it?  Privately?  There seems to be an odd green eyed monster that comes from some of the expats.  I cant' quite place the core, but there's no mistaking it's existence.  We all remember how most of them tried to distance themselves and present a 'we're not like him' united front after JM fled.   Maybe it should be  'he's not like us' , because he isn't.  Thank God.  He didn't throw his friend under the bus on national TV, but he did continue to lobby for the release of his friends until it happened, so yeah, he's not like you at all.   That Dateline piece didn't do those expats any favors, did it?

Yesterday I found an old article I'd never seen, (although had read 'the story' elsewhere) but it's the comments that made me do a double take.   Now this is May 2012, so it's pre GF, but after the raid in Orange Walk,  and the sentiment blew me away.....I guess I wasn't expecting it.  Most if not all, were residents of Belize.....apparently neighbors.  There was already so much acrimony, some more blatant than others, but the general consensus was clear:  Go & Good Riddance.  I wondered.......did they really think it was  easier to blame JM  than admit the atrocities happening around them?  Kinda like an ostrich with a tattoo of "it's his fault" on his ass that you only see when he buries his head?

It's an interesting read, and JM replies to a couple of peeps, but note the comment from Jessica Hopes........that's Amy!!!!!
For the fans of wim,  this is  great piece to show haters........ like our Troll.  There was a theory that the murderer (hired by the GOB),  simply killed the wrong gringo.   Apparently, we were just a wee bit late with our conclusion.  This is from the above link, and is dated May, 2012:

The World says:
John, it is my hope you get out of the country.. There is only one way this is going to end. Someone will find your body in your house and the crime will never be solved. The Belizean people do not want the gringos here, they just want the money… Its time all gringos thought about letting this filthy cesspool of a country get flushed. Then let the business owners throughout the country wonder what happened to there customers. Crime & corruption is out of control, garbage and human waste litters the streets and rivers and the Belizeans could care less, just as long as they get there beans and rice each day. John you just don’t get it…They “like” living in a cesspool… They have no grasp of their own laws, and very little desire to even educate their children. As a country it is a “failed” experiment on par with the African continent. Its a damn shame that a country with the potential that this has, is populated by a people who have no desire to improve themselves or there country  (sic)

Freaky, right?  The first 3 sentences were like some weird flashback when I first read them............ queue the Twilight Zone music.   (☉_☉)     I'd like to think he's wrong about the Belizean people not caring about their lives, or specifically, the future of their children, but the crime and corruption he mentions is easily verified.  So much for anyone who believed John's 'paranoia' was manufactured by him,  as a deflection to 'person of interest', and had no basis in fact.  This is proof that fear of the GOB, the GSU in particular, was real and existed in other peoples minds months before GF was murdered.  I'm not surprised by this, having long since concluded what was happening, but I am happy to offer it up for anyone still questioning the validity of JM's statements.

                               You're not bonkers after all.......Imagine That    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

more interesting comments:

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  1. My first thought after watching the Dateline piece, I refuse to give it any credibility like news or documentary, was that those ex-pats epitomize why the world has such poor opinion of Americans. They certainly did throw Greg Faull under the bus. They also lied, a lot. Even though everything is digital these days, I love the phrase..."let's go to the tape". It's as if these people don't realize that their previous statements are caught in the interwebs. This is the era of real time fact checking.

    I was sickened by their almost gleeful recounting of GF hinting that he had poisoned John's dogs and that they were perfectly OK with that. Here in the states, or at least my state, people get charged with animal cruelty for that. In my opinion not punished enough.

    As I have stated before, John was most definitely not like them. They are simply on an extended vacation. Belize is their playground not their home. John doesn't drink, so he didn't go to the local ex-pat's bar every night. He made Belize his home. Immersed himself in the existing culture. Respecting it and the people. He tried to help improve their lives. Not by throwing money at the local officials but by becoming a part of the community. Doing what he does well, creating businesses. And not businesses like a hobby bar for tourists. He employed local people.

    I refuse to believe that all the Belizean people are complacent and accepting of less. The person who wrote that comment was not representative of the people. They have a fire in them, we see that on the videos. We know from our collective history that people want to work for a better life, not only for themselves but also for their children. John saw that, he sees the good in people.

    1. Nice.
      Sickening is a good word to describe the 'gleeful recounting'.....I'm so disgusted. Not much to say these days, not even on the AC Forum. Need to drop the addy for them.

      I think we're counting on Belizeans having a fire under their ass aren't we? It will make providing assistance of any type so much easier if they have a united front, and people who aren't ashamed or afraid to admit they need some help.

      btw, think I found this on page 22......really buried. ;)

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    1. Well, Capt. Hook, your back.

      I guess I can call you that until your name is chosen.

      Philanthropy often spirals out of control. Judge it if you wish but helping people isn't easy. You give someone tools then you figure out they don't know what ot do with the tools, then someone tries to teach them but ends up using the tools themselves to do the work you were hoping the people you're trying to help would want to do. It's happened before it will happen again. If helping were easy everyone would do it. Jm was naive. How things ended? Not mine to judge, publicly, but his intentions seem to have been honorable. I know about Good intentions they get masticated.

      So some of the locals didn't like him . I bet some of your neighbors don't like you. Some of mine don't like me. So what?

      You have nothing. So far you are telling us things we've read before, You're not saying anything Capt.

      If you want to plot the course I suggest you do so on your own ship cause so far you haven't changed our heading.

    2. You're back !! Nice reply. :0)

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  4. That is very curious Justin.

    You see, Am-Hi-Co hasn't really been shipping anything lately, well with the exception of wholesale. They kinda folded on the customer side I believe about a year ago. Apparently the wholesale stuff is still flowing but that stuff is coming from....wait for it....Latvia. The call center is in Latvia. They don't even ship to Belize so how is it they deliver from there? They also had a bit of an issue with their quality control because the Latvians were just slapping labels on any old thing to be able to ship.

    I don't know how things are run in Mexico, but here in the States it would be a violation of privacy for my postal delivery person to disclose such information. You tell some whoppers my dear. I sincerely doubt you even went to Belize as you claim. Everything you claim to have gotten from talking to people in Belize can all be gleaned from reading the forums and news stories and articles about John McAfee.

    Some of the people in Orange Walk said that John fed children to the Crocodiles too, are you going to accuse him of that next? That was the same accusation against the Crocodile Sanctuary and the Belizeans burned their property to the ground. They didn't do anything wrong. They were rescuing crocs. A married couple. No wild sex, no drugs, just a married couple living their dream. So opinion, is just that, opinion. The people who commented in that article were like the same 3 or 4 people. Out of how many, 300,000? Yeah the Belizeans hated John... all 3 of them. So by your math, Americans think you should walk away from your personal vendetta against John McAfee because the commenters on this blog thing so.

  5. I give the third vote. Its official. America request that you cease and desist. But seriously Justin. I really wish you would re-evaluate the facts. Yes some do seem to make him look guilty but the majority of those if looked in to a bit further show they have no credibility. You seem to be an intelligent individual. When I first started my reading up on McAfee I went into it thinking he was guilty. That's one reason why it got my attention. I was thinking "Wow, Tech guru gone mad and killed someone and is on the run!" I had no doubt he did it. Mostly because I was hearing allot of stories from people who liked the big story of someone like john snapping and killing someone. But as much as I weirdly enough like a story like that I started realizing there was way more too it than meets the eye at first glance. And then the details of the story started being unveiled and my perception of the situation changed. And like I said you seem to be a very intelligent person and not sure why you did not end up having your eyes opened also along the trip. Is it possibly because in the beginning you started your website against john and it has gained some monetary value and once you started even if something made you doubt you brushed it off because you were already too deep and the Anti-John McAfee is how you defined yourself as a person. I do now for sure that Am-Hi-Co does not ship out of Belize. I think maybe you was just taking a shot in the dark to see if you hit anything? But honestly I can tell you over the years...Nothing has ever had a return address of Belize or postage marks of Belize. CONTINUED---

  6. Do I think john is innocent of every single little bitty thing that has every been mentioned of him in a negative manner? No. I think he is guilty of some negative stuff. As am I and most of us aren't we? Do I think he killed someone? Not 100% because I don't know every move he has ever made. But I'm pretty certain he did not kill Greg Faull. I think one thing he is guilty of is possibly is challenging the authority in Belize. That's is not a crime(well most of it I think anyways) but was asking for trouble. And he got it. But the bottom line is if the authority in Belize did not operate in the manner they do people would be less compelled to start shaking their fist. I mean..something is going on there its obvious. you see it on the news all the time. And now there are uprisings and more people speaking out against Belize authority. There is more evidence that Belize officials cannot be trusted than that john cannot be trusted. And these are the people that originally went after him. But after it got more attention than they expected they got scared and backed off. If they really thought he was guilty they would of went at him full force. They was reluctant and it showed in their investigation and their actions. They realized the plan to set up john turned into a world wide news story. Every eye was on the story and there was too great of a chance they would get caught executing their plan. And this is why they have let it die down. I really do hope you start from the beggining and re-evaluate the story and try to do it an un unbiased way and see where you end up. If you was being accused of a crime you did not commit would that not be horrible? Put yourself in his shoes. It has to be scary as hell. And if your son was killed by someone would you not want to be sure the right guy was locked up? How horrible would it be if John was locked up and he really did not do it and the person or people that did it are laughing because they got away with it. There are allot of people envious of john because he has what we all dream of. Lots of money and lead a care free life for the most part. Allot of people are going to resent him. Especially people that have seen him first hand living large while they was struggling to make it. So you cannot automatically believe just anyone jumping out of the word works saying they know john is a bad man and have a story to tell. Misery Loves company. They want him to suffer like the rest of us. Anyways, through all of this lets try and get along and be respectful toward each other. The prosecuting attorney and the defense have to act civilized to a degree. And maybe for the time being we can stay off each others lawns. Sounds very reasonable to me. Anyways, Have a good night and take it easy.

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  7. Capt. Hook
    Lets talk about philanthropy and charities. You willing to put down the sword and go there with me, maybe help a little?
    Cause.......dead ends.
    Sisters of Mercy didn't even pan out. Long story but I actually went to see them and they weren't there. Even the convent wasn't there. All donations go straight to Catholic Charities and they have a bad rep with the school system where I was. They dump the families they take to the US with some info about Social Services and wont allow the children into their schools,(actually told a school SW that those kids wouldn't mix with their population) they end up in public education which is already straining and unable to give the children the time and attention they need.
    Do you know of a charity or can find a grass roots org. in Belize that has something to do with land ownership for Belizeans or education? Do you have friends in Belize, maybe in the travel biz, that can locate some info that can be verified about such an organization? I have one lead but would like several more since it appears nothing last very long in the jungle.
    I like playing with you, when your behaving yourself, and I know you can. So even if we disagree about some things I think you can agree it would be nice to get this info together before the site updates on WIM and the folks return. It would be great to have that info here. Maybe do something beside talk about someone elses life?
    So, Capt. how about a peace treaty for just a little bit? We'll go back to the game later.
    I forgot to ask you, am I still Alice, if not, Who am I?

  8. Rebooting whoismcafee wont do anyone any good. It wont bring the attention it had when mainstream media was reporting about the site. Not even close.

    John said in his faq section that they trashed all the negative comments and posted the rest. Based on page rank, traffic and demographics of the site some quick and dirty math tells you the site was getting Negative comments in the area of 500 to 1.

    No one cares about John McAfee and his life as Waldo. They only care about him going to jail. That would make great headlines and would ensure immediate success of any future book and movie sales.

    Actually it is in the best interest of both Warner and Impact Future Media to help put John McAfee in jail - convicts cannot collect from books and movies about their crimes and is a Federal Law. Otherwise Charles Manson would be a multimillionaire from all the works about his life.

    You ask for a peace treaty for something I don't see as a war or conflict. I have always respected that your opinions differ from mine and have never doxed or threatened anyone.

    As far as Charities in Belize, I'm not interested. I help people around me directly and that ensures 100% of my assistance goes to the intended recipients.

    As far as whoismcafee - whoever John's direct advisers are apparently hate John McAfee. His own PR people connected him with the least credible reporters. Alex Jones? Mary O'Harra? It seems to be intentional sabotage or absolute stupidity. Either way - they made him look worse.

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    2. Oh dear, Captain, you start to play nice and you can't keep it up. I've explained to you that we all have differing opinions, on a variety of subjects.
      Doesn't mean we can't play if we follow the rules.

      By the way, I went to your site today, but you have nothing new, In fact you have nothing. Facts are just what they are, you can't imagine them. You don't know the facts you're not part of the reality.

      So....guess you're Captain Hook and I'm still Alice stuck in the rabbit hole with some very interesting characters and some shrooms. About time I tried those.

      Have fun with the lost boys,

      Tick Tick Tick

      P.S. So you don't choose to help, doesn't matter, we may have our info for posting a charity soon.

    3. You block my comments from being published on your blog because they offer a dissenting viewpoint, aka facts.

      You claim that you are blocking me because my comments are stupid. Facts are not stupid, they are just facts.

      You called me stupid, on more than one occasion. I am college educated, able to hold down quite a nice job and possess an above average IQ, I am not stupid.

      Here's an interesting fact for you. John McAfee became clean and sober before you graduated high school. So how could you have seen him "snort lines longer than his arm" while employed by him? And he founded McAfee AFTER he was clean and sober, so alcohol and drugs were not a part of that company.

  9. That is incorrect. In the faq he stated that everything goes through and spam like questions that's have been answered a million times and comments like go kill yourself get booted. But besides that. Let us help you help others. What is the local assistance you provide that you know 100% goes to them? This is something we would like to help with. Knowing 100% goes to the intended people is great! let us know and maybe we can help. As for credible reporters I think Alex Jones is very credible. Most people think he is crazy because allot of people are too blind to think corruption is real and think the world is hunky dory and no person in authority or government has ever done anyone wrong or could ever do anyone wrong. Not saying everything he says is spot on but he has more credibilty than CNN. Would you of recommended he do an interview with CNN? You do know they fake news stories (Live from sadia arabia) and many ex employees have admitted the government pays them to tell certain stories and not to tell others and coax the way they tell them. What do you consider to be a credible news source? Please tell me because I have been looking for one. I prefer to get the news straight from the people themselves. And is one reason why I like to hear the story from John himself instead of the media which love to juice the story up to make it more appealing. Alex Jones was actually the most unbiased interview ever done for john. But I don't think it helped right after that interview Alex Jones went on Pierce Morgan and lost his cool. Even though that guy deserved ever bit of it and needs to go the hell back to his homeland. But he can't because he hacked peoples phones for news stories. Yeah we want that guy saying anything about a constitution. I'm getting off track. But yes please let us know some of your local charities and we will see what we can do to help. Can't wait to hear back. Lets together get those people some help!

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