Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Inside John's home.....

I'm sure the thank you cards to John will start flowing in any day now......

very nice :-)

Funny note ~ Author of the first story obviously hasn't read whoismcafee.  She calls
Bullshit on the whole ' buried myself in sand up to my neck ' scenario.  Bahahaha......
No shit Sherlock.  I think it's called a diversion?  LOL




  1. I like the VIDEO, would like to know more about, have to do some research.

    With regard to the house etc... I believe she just needed to get her personal dig in on John. What a shame!

  2. This could all be for marketing the house as rental:
    "Stay In The Mcafee House, No Telling What You Will Find In The Toilet"

  3. Now I'm thinking about that. Would anyone really want to stay in a house where the toilets haven't been scrubbed for months?
    Not really a great marketing strategy.
    Can this blog be fixed so photo's can be added to replies?

    1. I will check. Going through gadgets right now.
      If it isn't possible for replies, you could always email it to me, and I can Post it. ?
      I'll let you know.

  4. Regarding the first article, the writer is in the travel business. The second article is written by some guy in real estate. Both with a vested financial interest in Belize and tourism. So once again, I dismiss. I really do think these ppl have meetings to discuss damage control, as BBB on whoismcafee reported.

    I liked the video, it was visually pleasing, and the sound track was super! I am not sure how happy John would be with some of the reporting, but the video itself was well done.