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In November 2012, the eyes of the world were on Belize, all thanks to John McAfee.  It started when JM was targeted by the GOB as a 'person of interest' in the murder of Greg Faull.
*****update....please read
Obviously with absolutely no proof to back up that statement, they've dropped the accusation, and admitted JM is not wanted.   And true to form, the Belize Police have done nothing to find the real killer, leaving GF's family with unanswered questions.  Let's face it, not many of us would have even heard of Greg Faull or Jeffrey Furgala, or any of the others murdered since, if it hadn't been for JM bringing Belize into the spotlight.   Little or no effort goes into murder investigations, with more than 75% (some reports say almost 90%) remaining unsolved ........ truly atrocious misconduct to most of us.

As JM's story unfolded, we were completely horrified by what we were watching, reading and learning about this tiny little 'Jewel'.   So much so, that some people simply refused to believe these atrocities were really occurring.  And there were just enough ostriches who came onto wim and denied everything JM said (and apparently everything we read in Belizean newspapers) to create confusion and doubt for some of the followers.  But not everyone........ we're still pulling news stories regularly, and remain dumbfounded by the unfolding events.  This story from several days ago appalled and disturbed me once again, and a quote from the aunt of the victims sums it up:

“I don’t understand how there can be a police shootout and you get two of them in the back of their heads. I don’t understand that. The kids were running; the two young men were running away.”    

So while we search for reputable children's charities in Belize, I would like to ask.....Hey,  Belizean Parents.......Where are you?  When are you going to stand up and say 'NO MORE'?  The actions of your Government are criminal, confusing, and reprehensible, but your lack of defiance is equally disturbing to me.  Are you so beaten down that there's nothing left to fight with?  I'm sure the basic education that is denied to a portion of the population has something to do with your compliance to repression.....(that there is only enough 'room' for about half of the students  past grade 6  to continue their education is a despicable display of prejudice).   Generation after generation living in poverty becomes the norm instead of motivating you to do better?  The more I learn about Belize, the more obvious the direction you're being led becomes to me...........and I wonder why you don't see it?  Please, I really hope someone will answer.

Your children are must teach them to fight for their rights by example, and not take the abuse being perpetrated by the GOB.  Barrow is systematically raping your country, taking every possible asset from the people and re-assigning it, to allow him to reap the spoils.  At this point, your Government has total control of the media, and while they don't currently exercise the censorship option they hold, it can and will be used at will.  You should fear greatly, the censoring of your media.

 From the song Freedom isn't Free by Up With People:

Freedom is a word,
Often heard today.
But if you want to keep it,
There's a price to pay.
Each generation's,
Gotta win it anew.
Cause it's not something,
Handed down to you.

So I say, what will it take Belize?   How many more young people have to die or become incarcerated for turning to crime, the only option they see in your corrupt, police-state, repressed 'Jewel'?  How many more tears must be shed for futures destroyed and lives lost?  ~like the young men in the above story who deserved to be punished for their crime, not killed, or the countless people who continue to mysteriously die in prison?  And how many more children will be denied an education and turn to gangs as their peer groups?  Your window of opportunity is closing quickly, while every piece of the pie is being stolen right out from under your noses.  Your country has so much potential, but requires governing conducive to true democracy, allowing all people to thrive and be everything they dream of, not the slanted-towards-Dictatorship, prejudicial, oppressive government you currently have.

After posting this, I found a comment I had pulled from Channel 5 Belize.  I think its important for Belizeans to read what one of their own has to say.  (click the date for original report)
December 2, 2012 at 3:42 am
    Freedom says       WAKE UP BELIZE.. whether Mr. Mcafee committed this murder or not .. there is much to be learned here about DEAN BARROW and his goon squad. This is an urgent time in Belize History if you do not stand together and impeach or vote out this man from office your entire country is on the path of complete destruction.. You all complain how bad Belize was in the past.. meh it will be nothing compared to what will happen when Dictator Barrow gets through with the jewel. He pays off gangs, sets ppl up for crimes they didnt commit, silences opposition, slowly taking control of all of Belizes resources and freedoms from the people. Your children are murdering in the streets, looking up to these goons as their role models. Thugs are walking free for murder! WAKE UP BELIZE! I pray to GOD that you all rise up and change your country!!!!!!! Belize could be prosperous in a flash with the right leadership and direction.. ENOUGH WITH CORRUPTION.. ENOUGH WITH THE KILLING!!! Whatever happened to LOVE THY NEIGHBOR, What happened to JUSTICE, what happened to VIRTUE. I know the opposition is not much better.. dont settle .. THATS WHY U MUST Vote in a 3rd party to power, FIND THE MAN WHO HAS LOVE, FREEDOM, AND A DESIRE TO SEE THE PPL OF BELIZE PROSPER!!!!!!! PRAY THAT GOD SEND SOME ONE to LEAD BELIZE .. BE THE VOICE OF BELIZE!!!!!!!   



  1. Well said.
    As parents it is our duty to feed, clothe, educate and protect our children.
    The parents have to fight this battle for their children. The longer this goes on the more difficult it will be to stop.

    1. ty
      And yes, it is our duty and obligation to do all that, even though we don't see it as a burden, but a privilege. We're fortunate too, to live in a country that values the education of their children enough to keep the hurdles out of the way. It might not be perfect, but every child has access to an education.

      Imagine if our school system could only accommodate half the students coming out of grade 6, or if there was no lunch (or breakfast) provided for needy children, and of course, the mandatory uniform (that isn't provided by the Government for those unable to afford it), which
      becomes the reason for an education being snatched away. Shameful. (~_~;)

      All this while millions go to those at the top. Telemedia ring a bell with anyone?

  2. Absolutely something needs to be done. The longer these crimes go unchecked the worse it will become. I'm sure there are allot of Belizians who are fed up and are desperate for change. But I'm sure many are in the position where they have no idea where to begin. Do you take to the streets and riot, Picket and protest, write your politicians(imagine will do nothing as they are the problem)Gather and groups and pray and hope god will have a hand, grab guns and declare war...what approach will be the effective one? Sometimes these approaches work and sometimes they cause more pain and agony than they hope to prevent. So what should the people do? Most are having a hard enough time just trying to survive and keep their nose out of trouble. If they make a stand they are voluntarily causing themselves and their family to become targets. I say we give some hard thought into what type of actions will possibly be the least damaging and most effective and offer these suggestions to the people. And when an approach is found how should one spread the word, recruit others to join and execute this action? All without, in the process of making change, become a target to the already corrupt people in power? I believe the parents should educate their children about the government, educate them about the laws, raise them to be morale and encourage them to run for office and once on the inside encourage changing the system. It will take aggressive action possibly to the degree of a civil war to change the government from the outside in. And this approach is never guaranteed to have the desired outcome. Most the time when an army is built to take down another group in power in the end the good people wanting to make a change end up scared by war and hardened and become corrupt themselves. Like ole George Orwells Animal Farm. So I believe the best approach is to change the system from within. If people can find genuinely good folks in the government and focus and addressing their concerns through them and help sway their actions some positive changes can start sooner then later. But for a complete revolution to occur the majority of the bad need to be replaced with the good and morale. Are there any genuinely good people that has an influence over Dean Barrows? If so then maybe addressing concerns with this individual might help persuade Barrows to change and then possibly change will roll downhill to others. Not sure if this person actually exist though but may be worth looking into. I do not think Barrow himself at the time being would be approachable to address these issues directly. So what does everyone else think? The people of Belize might be listening. What does everyone suggest they do? Where should they even start? And how can it be done without causing pain and agony for those who are taking action? Is there anything we can do that do not live in Belize? Enough is already enough. I'm sure there is a country of citizens on the edge of their seat waiting for direction. Lets so if we can come up with some ideas for them.

    1. Peaceful change is always the most desired, and often the most difficult to obtain. And because we don't live in Belize, the proper course of action will have to be plotted by them. But we can help, there are countless peaceful protests every year that result in change we can draw from. Getting International attention to the situation is also imperative. The last thing anyone wants is more trouble and killing simply because the People want to stand up for their rights. Teaching them how to write letters to Heads of State or Foreign Dignitaries could help. We have to remind them they are still part of the British Commonwealth and are part of the ICC......both could prove to be an asset in this fight. It's really so sad that none of the 'educated & well employed' Belizeans (who came on wim to dispel the stories of corruption) care enough about their own people to do something to help.......they could be such an asset. Feeling above or out of reach of the corruption certainly shows a "blinders" mentality.

      The data that accompanies a blog is very interesting, and I can tell you, we have regular visitors from Belize. My hope is that soon they will join in this conversation we so desperately want them to be part of. But if they don't we will still be working on uniforms for the needy.

  3. You don't understand the rules do you? Let me explain, we don't accuse anyone here of a crime that we don't know was committed. Do you not get it?
    Why would you take a post about the children of Belize and turn it so you can use it for your own agenda? Where's your proof? You don't have any you're not part of the reality.
    I take it very seriously when you point a remark, like your last one, at anyone reading it........ and judge them when you're the one charged with being a sex offender.
    I have already addressed what I believe happened in Belize: philanthropy often spirals out of control. It's not easy to help.
    You have no list of JM's victims. Why don't you tell me about your victims? Do you have a list of them?

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    1. ....for now, lol.

      Nice job on your new blog David. The two videos you have on your site are disgusting examples of 'power out of control'............ good finds.

      Check out Expose the Corrupt here:
      or use the link in 'Friends of our Blog'

    2. I consider the internet to be like a virtual world. There are many communities within that world. If Justin had kept his vile little self confined to that corner of the internet where all the trolls, lusers, and assholes hang out together, I would be right there with you. Instead he decided to come out and be part of the greater society.

      People like Justin do real damage on the internet. They are a liability. I believe strongly in the first amendment and will defend people's rights to speak their minds. But when they start telling lies about people I care about, or about me. And those lies can be potentially harmful. I have to take a stand.

      It's kinda like that neighbor you have that you know is beating his wife yet you don't want to get involved. I mean, it isn't hurting you is it? I say yes it is. It hurts all of socity. People like Justin need to have us stand up to them and say NO, THIS BEHAVIOR IS NOT OK WITH ME AND I"M NOT HAVING IT. If not now, when. If not him, then who?

  6. Thank you. I will try and make new updates each day when possible. Also don't forget to have a look at the Police Brutality Link up top to see a collection of brutality videos I found. It's very sad that these videos demonstrate common practice in law enforcement. When you are being attacked by the police at that point who do you call? Not like you can call 911. And we all know whatever the police say is considered fact. And it is common practice for the police department to cover for other officers in these cases. If you do not lie and cover for another officer you will be targeted and pushed out of service. I know there are allot of good police officers out there. But even these good officers look the other way in order to keep their jobs. People every day are being victimized by the government and by the police and almost nothing is being done about it. My next post will be about a operation a news channel did to expose the corrupt way of many police departments. They simply went in to ask how would one go about filing a complaint against a police officer.(similar to one of the recent videos I posted but a compilation of different departments) The results of these simple and innocent inquiry are mind blowing. Come visit my blog a little later to have a look at this article. Should be posted later tonight. It's downright disgusting.

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    2. What day is it today? Oh yeah Saturday, so last night was Shelter night. Volunteering at the Women's shelter.
      Tomorrow is knitting blankets for the Orphahange day.
      Next week we mail the wool socks to the Russian Orphans.
      The following week we collect and mail the knittings for the service men and women.

      Winter is winding down so we don't do the homeless shelter as much. Knitting again.

      This is just a small sampling of the local charitable things I do. I also contribute money and time to others. Every year my guild buys a fiber animal for a needy family through the Heifer project.

      Locally i am active. I also am what i call an armchair activist for many causes. Currently the cause that has me most active is gun control.

      Yep there is poverty, corruption, murders and all the horrible things that mankind can do all over this big ole world. I can't do anything about the whole world. So you start with a piece of it.

      The heifer project does this. They don't give money to a family, they give them a fiber animal. they teach them to care for it and harvest it. they teach them what to do with the fiber. That way the family can sustain themselves.

      We are looking for a way to help education in Belize. Through education they will be able to life themselves out of poverty. they will be able to combat the corruption. Not in my lifetime but I do not do the things I do for recognition. I do it for people.

      You are a hateful individual. The time and energy you have focused on what you cal such an incredible crime could have better served hundreds of people. How many murders have there been in Belize since Gregory Faull was murdered? How many unsolved? How many child molestations? And I am talking real molestations, not your fabricating, being picky about was amy 15 or a6...I am talking very young children. You have to start somewhere.

      I could choose a country by throwing a dart, but you need a critical mass in order to affect any change. John Mcafee has created that critical mass. I never said he was a saint. I know for a fact he is not. I also would never compare him to Charles Manson. Out of all the criminals you could have pulled out of your ass, he is the one with the least in common to John. All his "women" were young but well over 18. Manson actually murdered someone. Premeditated and tried to cover it up. Manson had delusions of granduer like he was a god. John is none of those things.

      I really don't give a flying fuck how much you hate John McAfee or How much your itty feelings are hurt because your game isn't working. i don't give a flying fuck about you. But, you bring too much hate and negativity into my space, into our universe. You are a burden to society. You are a wretched person. You do not deserve to breathe the same air as i do, let alone the same as John Mcafee. He is no saint, but he is also not an evil man like you. Do the world a favor and slither back under that rock you came out of.

  8. You are a truly amusing stalker.
    IF you knew who I am you would shit yourself.
    Give up the ghost hunt.

    1. Ok, I will need some clarification please. Not for the amusing part, I've been a laugh a minute for years, so I know I'm funny.

      But about the stalker part. Do you once again think I'm John? , and/or that your harassment of him somehow translates into him stalking you instead of the other way around? Please clarify.

      Or are you so completely Bonkers that you believe I am stalking YOU? On whose blog will you find all these conversations between us? How many times have I been to your blog? (ONCE). And how many times have I commented? (ZERO). How does that equate to me stalking you?

      BTW, I haven't shit myself in at least 40 years, and can guarantee any "revelation" about your identity wouldn't change that in the least., even if for one crazy second I believed anything you said.

    2. Which of us is stalking you?

      I know who you are. I'm not shitting my pants. I am afraid of no man, especially a man like you. Your tough talkin' sounds all cool like here on the internet where you hide behind some B actor's name. In the Real World, you like keep your head down and hope that some woman doesn't notice your sorry ass and kick you into the next towm.

      Seriously dude...who the fuck do you think you are? Deep Throat? He's dead. Julian Assange? He's still in the UK. Iron Man? He isn't really a real person, I hope that didn't surprise you or anything. Chuck Norris? Unlike you Chuck Norris doesn't have a police record and doesn't have to hide behind Mexico's apron strings.

      YOu are such a tough guy, come out in the open. I will meet you and we can thrash this out. Show yourself tough guy.

    3. @ Capt. Hook,
      I know who you are, not pooping pants.

      Tick Tick Tick Tock

  9. "So why the sudden interest in the Country of Belize?
    Crime, suffering, poverty, injustices all happen in the USA."

    Well for me I had never really even heard of Belize until McAfee's Story. So my interest in Belize came from his experience there and the events that followed. True there is corruption everywhere. I try to focus not only on Belize but everywhere. So for me no matter if John is innocent or guilty I think its a good thing attention is being drawn toward them. But they are just a speck in the big picture.

    "I appreciate that you stick to your story though - You pretty much constantly repeat that Belize has corruption so John McAfee must be a Saint."

    Belize has corruption yes. as does everywhere. But I don't think anyone ever stated john is a saint. Or that because there is corruption there it makes him so. That would be like saying that since the united states has corruption that I am a saint. I am far from a saint. Run a background check on me. I'm far from a saint. John is far from a saint in my opinion. I do think though that the corruption in Belize is the reason why no one has been arrested for Faull's murder. Rather it be john is innocent or guilty. No one has been arrested. If they did their jobs correctly either john would of been arrested or someone else. For some reason nothing has been done.

    "By your very own equation perhaps you could also say Charles Manson was a victim of a corrupt society and should be a free man. Boycott USA!"

    Charles Manson IS a victim to a corrupt society and yes he should be a free man!! Just kidding LOL. Manson had piles of evidence against him and was obviously guilty. He admitted it himself. They are not good comparisons really but I do get what you are saying.

    "I have no reason to doubt Jeff Wise or Josh Davis."

    They are part of the Media and get paid for a juicy story. That's reason enough to at least have a small amount of doubt.

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  11. web
    find jm lol
    too funny
    love the blog


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  13. mcafee_truth....neither McAfee nor the Truth....discuss

    1. Yes, ironic isn't it? Do you suppose somewhere buried under the madness, despair and loneliness there might be a sense of humor?
      His use of JM's name first, in his moniker/blog/twitter acct was a blatant attempt to increase his standings and appear higher in the searches, although it doesn't seem to have worked for him.
      The Truth? He wouldn't know what that was if it tripped over it, and landed in a puddle full.
      At this point, do you think it even matters though? I'd be surprised if there's anyone who takes him seriously anymore, especially those concerned with making money from the sales of books, movies, etc..

  14. @SL Belize is the 6th worse country in the Caribbean (NOT the WORLD) for murders.

    1. Original Woman.........It's good to see you. :-)

      We've been waiting and hoping some of JM's regulars would pop in (regularly?). I've seen a couple of articles lately showing some of your politicians fed up with the direction Belize is taking. Is that what you're seeing too? I sure hope so. Any thoughts on the blog?

    2. You know me and data, lol..... Your statement got me curious about the current statistics on murder rates per capita, so I went searching. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ LOL

      This info is pulled from Wiki who pulled it from UNODC ~ United Nations Office on Drugs & Crime, and is the most recent data available. Very sadly, it appears Belize is indeed 6th in the World, which I imagine both shocks and frightens you.....I know it did me. I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news. In addition to the Top 10 Countries list, I also took note of the top 3 Sub Regions in the World.

      1. Southern Africa 2. Central America 3. Eastern Africa

      Top 10 Countries

      1. Honduras 2. El Salvador 3. Ivory Coast 4. Jamaica 5. Venezuela 6. Belize
      7. US Virgin Islands 8. Guatemala 9. St. Kitts & Nevis 10. Zambia

      Very saddened by this, especially the 2nd place status of Central America on the Region list.

  15. Hello Original Woman. Glad your here. I don't know if you've been reading this blog but, in case you haven't, one of the things we are doing (or not doing so far) is trying to find a way to help children get proper uniforms or supplies needed in order to attend school in Belize We are looking for a reputable charity that provides this, or a way to actually donate supplies dirctly to a school.
    If you are in Belize or still have contacts in Belize we would appreciate any information you are willing to share.

  16. I know people have mistaken you for John but come on. You don't have to feed the speculation by not having a new post for a long period of time =)

  17. Now for something different...


    In London, The Guardian TripAdvisor reports that "Belize's largest island, Ambergris Caye, a popular destination for scuba divers, has come top of a list of the world's 10 best islands in a survey of travellers..."

    Try searching for "belize" in The Guardian Travel section too (and there's considerable space devoted to John in the news sections as well):

    And we can't get uniforms for kids?

    1. Tourists see a completely different Belize than what is the reality.

      This is what set John apart from the other ex-pats. They are on an extended vacation, they see what they want to see, what they are allowed to see. John went and lived among the people. He was affected by what he saw and experienced.

      Watch the old BBC series "The Prisoner". It is enlightening.

    2. Among expat groups the world over there are various subgroups. One is, "Gone Native." John could be described as being a member of it. This set him somewhat apart from other expats, but hardly unique.

      From the gitgo John's genius was not in technology but in marketing; he invented/revolutionized viral marketing. Each of his products left a bad taste.

      It could be said that John's "Belize Escape Caper" was viral marketing. This is the reason the MSM largely held their noses while reporting, if they reported at all. The more ravenous and less picky of the media were fully infected and gobbled it all up. John's playing of them against each other as he disapproved of their stories was masterful and served to add to the viral infection.

      Haven't seen "The Prisoner" for years...

    3. "The Prisoner" is a classic, and still holds much truth and wisdom.

      John has many facets to his "genius". And yes, he is masterful at marketing. He would also have made a pretty good Bene Gesserit witch, don't you think? Plans within plans....

      I don't agree his products left a bad taste. Powwow was truly ahead of it's time. McAfee anti-virus still endures.

      The other ex-pats didn't like him because he wasn't like them. He was not on vacation, he was living the next chapter of his life. It is quite amazing how they turned on him though. John contributed more to the people of Belize than any of them ever will.

    4. SL, I guess one person's but taste is another's...

      But... "Being ethical can’t do anything to help a brand []McAfee Security], but negative ethical perception can hurt a brand," said American City Business Journals qualitative researcher Godrey Phillips in an interview today with Upstart Business Journal. "The whole brand dropped. It has no momentum."

      Founders gone wild: McAfee decline reveals ethical perception is reality.

    5. I would think that the decline is temporary, and without continued negative press on JM, the company that bears his name will endure. Quite frankly it seems like a convenient excuse to blame him totally anyway. The sheer number of comments scattered about the internet complaining about McAfee Anti-virus show that there was dissatisfaction that had nothing to do with the founder, but instead was directed at the company and a perceived inferior product.
      I'm not trying to say that JM had no effect on their bottom line, I just don't think he played as big a part as they would like to believe. Only time will tell.

  18. And then there's this from the ever-tasteful Yahoo:

    1. Keep it classy Yahoo, keep it classy :P

      During the early parts of the adventure the commenters on Yahoo were bitter, angry and full of venom. I rarely go there anymore for anything.

  19. Hey Rod,
    I'm glad to hear this news about AC. It looks like it would have amazing scuba diving, and it's likely a well deserved honor. This prestigious spot should boost the economy......always a good thing. And it would be great to see the Government assign some of that increased revenue towards uniforms for the needy, but I don't expect for one nano second to see that happen. Things with us are slow moving, but that hasn't changed our ultimate goal, just the timetable.

    Hopefully you will be able to take full advantage of your beautiful dive spots, despite this ominous report on how Barrow has been secretly selling the country and it's offshore waters, including protected areas.

  20. How much are the uniforms? Maybe we can work up a donation link for those willing to pitch in. We can then have parents in belize come here and tell their story and request a uniform and tell us the size and we can order the uniform and have it shipped to their house. There is no need to go through a charity org. We can handle it ourselves. It would do two things. Would give uniforms to the kids in need and also bring attention to the blog and help us find out more needs and work on ways of helping with those also. So if anyone knows how much the uniforms are and where to purchase them please let us know.