Monday, February 18, 2013


WEB.... are you John?   LOL  no really,  LMAO

Please, nobody get offended 'cause I'm laughing,  it was just funny.  Really funny.
Nope, I am you, you are me, and we have come together (here) because they've closed
down our playground.  We converged on McAfee's parkland as soon as we heard, some with real names, some with monikers, but we played well together and liked the same games.  And we didn't like the bullies, but loved to kick their asses.  ;-)   We ate through John's stories with an insatiable appetite......anxiously awaiting another turn on the roller coaster we'd been allowed to ride.  Some days, multiple rides had us dizzy. But we kept going back for more, despite the horrors, injustices, and mind-boggling, real time events passing before our eyes like an apparition, each time we rode.  It was a divergent tale for some, a sad reality for others, and a trip down de Nile for a select few.  ;-)
And now we stand, looking in at the playground, faces squished sadly between the bars.  It sits still, emptied of all the players, but so invitingly shiny and bright.  Calling to us to come and play, all the while knowing the fence is too high, and the gate is locked.
So, I am you and you are me.  I am WEB.    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ goo goo goo joob





  1. I don't know if I want to play on that playground anymore, I'm tired of that game. The Pied Piper that led us to the swing set isn't playing a pretty song anymore.

    I'd like to play a new game on a new play ground.
    So WEB, your play ground. What's the game?

    1. That my friend, is the million dollar question. What would you like to see? You have proven to be an intelligent contributor, so your opinion is certainly welcomed.
      Right now I am focusing a lot of attention on the details and necessary steps to promote this blog, and provide a comfortable space that allows for easy free flowing posts in real time. More content to follow....
      Please, talk among yourselves, lol.

  2. I can say anything I want to here so:
    A few have suggested that JM owes us nothing, we came willing along for the ride, but I disagree.
    The blog, the number of hits, proof that JM's story is worth the price paid, same for the graphic novel, and what ever else he can sell. The posts, posters, us, kept people coming back to see if there was any news, kept them reading, kept the numbers up.
    JM owes us a thank you note.

    1. That would be nice. But I won't hold my breath, LOL. If he can't find the time to post on the blog, where on earth would he find the time to hand write Thank you cards? lmao
      That data link was great huh? Really informative.

    2. Yes it was. and 300,000+ isn't anything to sneeze at, I wouldn't.

  3. Sandwillow,

    I completely understand your position, thus the reason for encouraging this BLOG which is for US all who have participated in the other. So as to not be forgotten or "deleted" with the stroke of a keyboard.

    I would like to take this opportunity to remind all:

    John said it in the past, he stated on camera (for the record) that it is all about the money to him.

    Statements like:

    People have nothing better to do than live their life through me or some shit.

    People love me that don't even know me.

    Those types of statements are very telling to me!

    I ask for nothing & expect nothing from JM, as unfortunately I am quite familiar with this type of person.

    I believe in John McAfee's innocence, and for that reason have spent a lot of personal time defending (the man that I don't even know) and will continue to do so as long as "I believe".

    I think it is great that "we" were not robbed of the opportunity to all get together and share thoughts, ideas etc... among ourselves.

    We must be patient as WEB figures out how to put this blog together, and any / all comments, suggestions & ideas, I'm sure would/will be greatly appreciated.

    I have suggested that any and all people from John McAfee's blog be allowed to participate in a constructive manner as to not limit the input that so often stimulates creative thinking.

    Yes dear, you may say anything you want here!

  4. what he said, LOL.

    And yes, any and all suggestions are welcomed.

  5. Good, I'm going to say a lot.
    I wonder if anyone else thinks about this:
    Is a 67 year old man having sex with girls in their late teens, in tube tops,in Belize, acceptable (in your head)? Is it then acceptable that after a clestial marriage there's other 67 year old men with girls in their late teens, in prarie outfits in Colorado City?
    I think and hope we would all agree that under 17 is disgusting But how many of JM's supporters would move that age up?
    Is it OK because the girls say it is, because that's true of both.
    Is it more acceptable because JM looks good at his age and has money then if he wasn't good looking for his age and living on SS?
    Is it more acceptable to have a harem then to have mulitple wives?
    Is one sided polyamory more accptable then one sided polygamy?
    I'm not judging any one but myself on this one, but I'd like to know what others think about this.
    Do you ignore the girls part in all of this?
    I know it's none of my business and JM would be the first to tell me so, but, in your mind, is there a comparison?

  6. excellent questions....Greg made it a post, so hopefully lots of replies.

  7. I'm sure we've all seen this but I'm putting it here.

  8. The new post is up, just the video from channel 4 that Gaby posted earlier. Not one word from John.

    1. He could use his smart phone and put few a sentences in. What would that be 5 minutes? I don't understand. Maybe the admin pullled that from Gaby's post, to keep us busy until we get this final message.

  9. WEB.....Can you get my Email address from here? I have an issue. I e-mailed Greg about it but he's mute today. Email me if you can.

    1. I can't see it. are you here right now?