Tuesday, March 5, 2013

ONE MORE......

Murder, poisoned dogs, Girls, guns, hedonism, Millionaire on the run,  Corrupt Government,  bath salts,  prostitution,  crime,  body guards,  GSU,  GOB, extortion.....  The list is large, the country is not.
 Because of John McAfee, the story of Belize and it's dirty little reality grew, and wrapped around, under and through the insanity that had become his life.  Some parts were sensationalized to the max, and others, sadly, were a grim reality the MSM decided to leave out of the story.    A beautiful tropical paradise,  young but rich with potential, whose people reaped none of the benefits of this tourism mecca, but instead suffered at the hands of the authorities meant to protect them.  A Government that was systematically raping the country, it's people, and anyone/thing they could.  Now that's BONKERS !

Having followed whoismcafee since inception, I've seen it all;  detractors, fans,  haters,  sympathizers,  trolls, flip floppers & flirts........proclamations, disclosures, condemnation, adoration, loathing, confusion,  and just plain wacky sentiments spilling onto the pages day after day.  And we all paid special attention when declarations mirroring John's popped up among the cheers and jeers.  The affirmation they provided was justification for our convictions, but brought us intense sadness with the realization of the magnitude of this reign of terror.

And now we have One More.  For the last 24+ hours we have witnessed the sometimes rambling, often undecipherable, thinly veiled horror story another American is recounting for us.   But this is different....very different.  There is a despair in his words, not defeat, but great anguish and confusion.  Quite frankly, it's almost impossible to imagine how I would deal with being systematically robbed, assaulted, terrorized, and denied help from the Authorities enlisted to protect me.  What would that do to a person?  And his small infractions with the law don't warrant the bad behavior or retaliation.
Kinda reminds me of the crocodile story   It's just so sad, so wrong, and I hope that David is able to resolve his problems soon, and escape with what's important.   It's clear that JM's money and the ease with which he donated made him a target, but it also allowed him the luxury many others don't leave it all behind and get out with his life.

I can't help wondering how many more tales of terror exist, but haven't yet found their way to  .  I hope anyone thinking of relocating to any tropical paradise, not just Belize, is paying very close attention.

The stories keep coming.  This comes from the Belize Police Department website:

On 20th February 2013, at 4:05 pm, Hattieville Police visited Kolbe Foundation Medical Center where the body of a male person was seen lying in a bed.  The Prison officer identified the body as that of Roy COLEMAN, 31 year old Belizean inmate, who was found motionless in his cell at 3:20pm.  COLEMAN was serving a 5 year sentence for burglary.




  1. Living in Belize for many years I too have many many horror stories I could share. And w/o getting into all the details they continue to exist. At present I am fighting a situation in the Belize(cough)Court system. It took me about 2 hours for my U.S lawyer to actually believe that I wasn't making the entire story up. Once he believed what I was telling him his initial response was " there would be blood in the water from attorney's trying to get this case if this happened in the U.S"...well unfornutely in Bze not only are the waters clear but I continued to get screwed every step of the way.
    There was a time early on in JM's crusade that I was hoping to tell my story. At that time with JM's power and media presence I felt he could have a real impact. Needless to say those days are long gone. His motivations lay elsewhere. And to be perfactly honest I don't entirely blame him. If I was 67 I am not sure I would want to take on this battle.

    1. If I were 67 I would be more motivated to leave this world having done something positive for others, just in case, you know?

    2. All you can do is be the best person you can be while living on this rock.

      People will remember you and your actions in inconsistent ways. So it is my belief that you just do what feels right. I am fortunate that I have 2 children who have grown to be wonderful adults.

    3. Just in case I know? Kmow what? Anyway, admirable thoughts. But most likely not John's.

    4. I believe Sand Willow is referring to the big G. Just in case she exists....

    5. Yes. I was refering to the "big G" (I like that). Even if one doesn't believe, since none of us know for sure, it's best to have enough good deeds on the ledger to balance out the bad ones, you know, just in case.

  2. Without sounding naive s.p., is there nothing the International Criminal Court can do to help? I would think they would hold more clout than an American Attorney.

    I think your last paragraph sums up the feelings of so many.....we are all saddened by the loss of what could have been. There was so much indignation and disgust for the despicable actions of the GOB, that motivating everyone to action would have been child's play for JM. And it could have been such a powerful movement, especially with the international media so present and hungry for more. But with that said, I also agree with " If I was 67 I am not sure I would want to take on this battle" either.

    Maybe a book is in your future? Personally, I'd like to gather all the information from 'you guys', most affected, and compile it into a Travel Horror Story. It is unbelievable, and would probably take some convincing to have the publisher keep it out of the Fiction category where they'd think it belongs. Another day perhaps? :-)

    Do you know David, who has been posting on wim? I can't stop thinking about how despondent he sounds, and it scares me to think of him all alone in that hell. I hope he reads the comments too. There was a funny story about a farmer putting poison on his crops. I love heart warming tales like that. LOL

    Thanks for sharing s.p., and as always, best wishes for a speedy exit. :(

    1. Don't know David. He is/was not living on the island.

  3. Nobody cares. With Mexico just over the border and it's problems there is enough to worry about close to home. Afghanistan, Libya, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan and the cost of living outweigh any desire to give two shits about Belize.

    Expats aren't messed with there by anyone. Intercity areas and tightly packed pockets of impoverished people usually includes an increase in crime.

    Belize is not unique. The schools suck, the people are below poor. For expats, the view is without much comparison. The sun always shines, it's always warm.

    Why the big push to bad mouth and then try to "save" Belize? If John was such a hero he should have bought a School and not a jail cell. If he wanted to save Belize he could have built a clinic for the children instead of tripping on dope and screwing the children.

    I have said it before and now again:
    "Legacy is something we leave behind. It is not written by those in power. Legacy is written by the actions of out lives."

    1. Not bad Justin, you managed to state your case w/o much hate ( could have done w/0 4th paragraph).
      You are so correct, there are many problems in the world that need to be addressed. Thing is, we are just a small group of people, and Belize is the cause we have decided to put our efforts into. Nothing wrong with that, and absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to help children strive for a better life. All change is a result of one, two, ten people starting off slow, and gaining momentum along the way. Being involved with something that touches the heart tends to motivate people to do things they may not normally have attempted.

      Your statement about expats not being 'messed with' will be met with disagreement by many of them. I thought you read whoismcafee...... you would know how many have shared their stories and confirmed many of John's accusations if you had. And of course, there were the detractors too. You can see some of them in the Dateline piece if you need a good laugh. Even the guy saying he wasn't afraid of the gov't was guarded in his words.

      As far as JM, there is great disappointment from many of us that he dropped the ball. The sheer number of people who wrote the gov't to have his friends released was proof that he could have parleyed this crazy nightmare into something positive and constructive. The world was watching, the media was chomping at the bit, and countless followers were ready for the next directive. But it never came. Well, not from John anyway.

      Which brings us back to us. None of us are famous, millionaires, or public figures of any type.
      We are however, focused and determined to try. It will be an uphill climb, met with many least according to the expats who have been kind enough to share their knowledge of the archaic and corrupt Country. Ok, so it won't be easy. Should we just give up then? Throw in the towel, citing too many problems in the world to care about this? Why?
      Imagine if everyone who was attempting to do something good for someone else gave up because it wasn't going to be easy. No, I think we will continue.

      Which brings me to you. Why don't you help us? You've said you traveled to Belize, maybe you could provide us with some contacts. Instead of wasting your time bashing a man who couldn't care less what you have to say, why don't you focus your energy on something constructive? You have 12 computers. What about donating a couple of them to our mentoring program? It would be the perfect conclusion to this turmoil you have surrounded yourself with for months, and may give you some piece of mind about the whole situation. Something to think your Legacy maybe?

    2. I help people daily. I am the guy that buys a homeless man a plate of tacos. I can't save the world. Belize isn't my concern, I don't live there.

      The 4th paragraph above is perfectly valid. John could have done a lot to help people even in the USA but that is not what he wanted. $25 million dollar mansions were more important.

      You think my site is bad, I pick on John. I see it as a public service to the people who did not follow the story.

      I think it is very productive of you to help people, all it takes is a trip to the local homeless shelter or soup kitchen in your community. Change begins at home.

  4. I have volunteered my entire adult life, on a regular or continuous basis., and have no intentions of stopping. Belize is an addition, not a replacement to that.

  5. Playing nice. I like it Capt. Hook.

    I agree with much of what you said and echo WEB in disappointment.
    I know there are other charities and other people to help but the stories I heard about parents losing their homes to educate their children, being one of the major factors in the current situation in Belize, hits home for me. I would have done it, I would have gotten the loan and lost my home.
    I barely understand interest rates here. Then finding out that even a free eduction requires a uniform that most can't afford builds a cage with no door, generations lost.

    The only way things get better is if people help. Even if just a little it can be an example to others and then change can happen.

    This is something I need to do. I thought I saw something happening that would help bring change and then it didn't. But maybe it still can.
    You are right change begins at home but home is as small or as big as you imagine it to be.

    Nice playing with you. Come again.

  6. BTW, I have volunteered for years until now. Last fall my purse was stolen and on the same day I walked out of the building and saw a homeless guy pissing into the backseat of my car. So, I'm taking a break. I'll get back to it, I'm going to put my purse in the trunk and I won't leave my top down.
    Learn something new every day and that day was a double.
    Cool that you give the guy food instead of money!

    1. I give food and money.
      People here really suffer.
      Drunks and addicts are not so common.
      People work really hard for almost nothing.

      Welcome to the world. Poverty is a plague.

    2. Giving food is the best, it's easy to do and alleviates any worry of the cash being spent 'elsewhere'. Usually a meal from a drive thru is my choice. Drove home once and got dog food.....the guy was going to feed the food I'd bought him to his dog, so he wasn't hungry. :-[
      And yes, it's not easy....even if they're not pissing in your car or making your wallet disappear.

    3. Sorry about that Sand Willow. I had to go really bad.

  7. Sad thing is, There are sooo many untold stories out there just as brain befuddling. The more you pay attention the more it seems people are reaching out. Belize seems to have been working hard for years to match corruption of the united states. Belize was born of Pirates and United States of Genocidal terrorist. Beyond that the entire world is corrupt. You would figure after thousands of years of human animalistic alpha dog syndrome we would figure out a sure way to distribute power without it being absolute. Give a saint absolute power and there will be stories of abuse and corruption. The problem started many years ago when humans outsmarted the other animals and became top on the food chain. In order for us to to power the human brain we had to be carnivores. And to be a carnivore is to feed on others life to feed power into our own. We are corrupt and viscous by nature. At the stage we are in right now we will either be consumed by our own tainted intelligence. Once our over all level of intelligence reaches the level that its elementary to split an atom, yet we are still corrupted by our state of mind to feed of the lives of others, we will all perish. This fight against a corrupt state of mind is not only key to a peaceful way on earth but key to the survival of all life on this planet. Lets just hope by some sheer "miracle" we break through into a world where we are smart enough to survive without the side effect of eventual extinction. Mother nature has her eyes on us. How do we learn how to work as a pack without an alpha dog? Any time this idea is is presented the alphas start reaping the weak to protect their status for the benefit of their power and not the people they lead. Humanity = corruption. We have been infected by Darwinism. DS

  8. It is sad. And it's fixable but not without, to steal your words, "the alpha dogs" getting more. The more they get..........and the cycle just repeats.

    So you think it's genetic, guess you right.

  9. All beings are born with an internal 'fight or flight' defense that kicks in when threatened with harmful situations, and 'allows' us actions outside our normal (moral/physical/mental) realm in order to survive. So while we all are capable of corrupt behavior and absolute viciousness I believe these traits are reserved, for most people at least, for those times when extreme actions are paramount to living. Sink or swim, Kill or be killed.........Survive or perish.

    Do we have to deal with assholes, pricks, bitches & dicks, slime-balls, ho's, shysters & con artists, freaks, creeps, greedy bastards and nut jobs too? Yep. Every once in a while you run into one, but nothing says you have to take them home with you. The point is, there are still way more good people than bad, and that's what I remember when I have the misfortune of crossing paths with one of these deviants. Now, don't get me started on stupid.....that's a whole different subject & I've got a lot to say on that one. lol

    1. Problem is...when a good man with good intentions defeats a corrupt man with ill intentions too often does the victor take over the role of the corrupt and eventually follow in the same ways. George Orwell's Animal Farm depict this situation very well. Little bit of Animal Farm and 1984 and we have ourselves a perfect description of today's humanity. We have a long road ahead of us. Seems every time we lay out checks and balance to monitor one power the system in place to check the system needs checked. Eventually down the line all that is left is the weak doing nothing leaving level upon level of abuse and deception. To figure out how to break the cycle, then figure out how to implement it without becoming what you are fighting, defeating the entire purpose...and then the entire world does the same and then always sticks with the same method from that day forward...well those chances are slim to none. So unfortunately I don't think the cycle has a cure...but is treatable. Best we can do is change ourselves and hope others will follow suit without persuasion. DS

  10. Having lived in San Pedro for many years, and also knowing JM (there are things the JM fans would NOT want to know), I feel I can intellegently comment more than most. To a certain extent what JB says is true. Expats can co-exist in Belize w/o being bothered if they live a very very simple life.. But if they try to do too much, or if they happen to have money...they will get f...ked. That's 100% for sure! I happen to be a relatively well to do American. Belizean's were hanging on me like you cannot imagine. And when they weren't hanging ...they were stealing. And stealing everythinbg that was not bolted to the floor. And when they weren't stealing ...they were scamming. To live there is completely exhausting. Oh... and when I wouldnt "give" they would begin to spread all kinds of crazy rumors. (so HAPPY to be out of there!) As far as comparing U.S corruption w/ Belize corruption........ It is completely different. For the most part the U.S corruption effects only the people at that very top.If you are bidding on a 100 million dollar Gov't job...yes, there is corruption....if you are trying to get a permit to bulid a large developmnet, then yes, maybe... you need to deal w/ corruption. But the Belize corruption is so much more damaging. The Belize corruption effects the average guy..or worse, the poor. In a recent post I gave a very good example of this. ------ If an American walks into a Belize Bank he can borrow at about 8 or 9%.....but if a Belizean walks into that SAME BANK he/she would pay about 20% for that same loan. Why does this happen? Simple...Belizean's for the most part are stupid, uneducated and do not stand up for their rights. And means Ashcroft can make more money. For those of you who have not figured it out yet....Aschcroft basically owns the Country. I think its great that people on this blog want to help children. It is something that should happen....and, if operated properly COULD happen. But beyond that.... I highly doubt that there is enough money or strength to go after the Gov't, Ashcroft, or anyone else Big.

    1. Excellent explanation, you've made it clear for everyone.... (CAN YOU HEAR HIM NOW JUSTIN?).
      Sorry for yelling. ;)
      Nope, not trying to take on Ashcroft. Did you see the links David posted? The one on Barrow's performance is hilarious. One of a protest too that really encouraged me.
      tx :)

  11. I agree with people in Belize and poor countries not being too smart. They have horrible schools. They are programmed by very long standing belief systems that dictate failure is the only available option.

    However, Expats in Belize are not messed with at all and most move there for that very reason. It is the same in Mexico and many countries South of the US Border.

    People get into trouble in these places because they cross a line that is even too much for the locals to agree with. You can't move to a foreign country and arm yourself like a militia and expect to remain unnoticed.

    The only expats (rich, poor or modest means) having issues in Belize are people who openly ask for trouble.

    1. Even with an example right in front of you, you continue to assume you know the reality. Obviously the words of someone who has lived in Belize hold so much more weight with the readers than yours ever could.
      As much as you might like them to, your personal feelings cannot alter the truth.

    2. I wouldn't say, not smart, theres a difference between smart and educated, and they are uneducated.

  12. Belize is truly one odd sort of place. Like the system is run by the March Hare.

    1. holy shit David, they are out of control... In the story about the Meighan family, there was an interesting statement, reminiscent of November 2012 "But the GSU claims differently. First off, they flatly deny searching the house yesterday - but concede that some other police unit may have searched it."
      So now, either one of them cops to it, or they all stay in jail.....smh

    2. I wonder how much Stephen Anderson paid for his freedom?
      He robs a man, shoots at cops, and then walks free.
      But in the first story they "find" two bullets, and the whole family is in jail.

  13. Oh I'm sure they are just over reacting right? Nothing happening to inspire an uprising or anything.......

    1. Sorry, Direct link rather than of the home page.

    2. How Encouraging. I am almost overwhelmed, but mostly happy. We have all been wondering where this sort of movement is, and thankfully, they have shown us they do care about themselves. This can do nothing but help our endeavor. I'm excited for the prospects.

      These links from David have been put into the 'Belize' section on the top bar.

      Great finds David, thanks.

    3. Great link David, and the org. BGYEA seems like an organization that is working toward change in Belize. It's dealing with the land that was taken from Belizeans. I like it so far.
      While not dealing with education it is a grass roots org
      Good find David. Warrents further investigation, I won't be able to do until Wednesday. So if anyone else wants to follow this trail and see where it leads that would be great!
      As of sprng 2012 they were soliciting funds for equipment to improve or build roads to Harmonyville. But the web site hasn't been updated since 2011 and most items on it are 2010. Seems worthwhile to check out.
      Again, we could be finding whats already gone, but the broadcast news 4/2012 report gives me hope it's still around. I did not email them because I didn't want to let it sit for 4 days unanswered if they actually respond.
      David, your find, maybe you could contact them?

    4. the protest, of FEB 26, 2013 referenced above does seem to indicate BGYEA is still an org. Just not finding any projects to support.........yet.

    5. I wonder if this is something DB could look into. It could be that they are very active, but lack the social media for those like us, outside of the country to see what they've been doing. I haven't seen him for a while, must be busy w/work. Hey DB......are you around anywhere?

  14. Dean Doesn't seem to be doing that great of a job. Seems he and his own people cannot get along long enough to focus on their job..... I mean..I don't want to be unkind, but he seems to be extremely paranoid - I would go so far as to say bonkers.