Friday, March 1, 2013


And according to a comment from the new 'McAfee Blog News' we won't have to.  holla....
The word is that John will be posting again soon, and the blog is sticking around.
Of course, it could be a troll, (anything's possible) but the name links back to whoismcafee, and I'm pretty sure that glitch of early December has long since been fixed, so I'm going to belize it.  :)    crank it up........... ヾ(-_- )ゞ

Several weeks ago a couple of us were speculating that maybe once the current post hit 500 comments without JM responding, he would return. (what can I say? lol  it would have been [ironically] hilarious).  So much for that theory.  Truth is, it could be anything keeping John away, and when it comes right down to it,  it's not our business.

But with that said, the truth is,  we've made it our business.  We want to know....feel entitled to know....maybe not so much where he is, but why he isn't with us?   And to me, it's understandable..... we got so much information and interaction in the beginning (plus, we knew 'where' he was).   JM was very present, and engaged us, challenged us, even recruited us by way of a writing campaign to free his friends.   And many rose to the occasion.  Stories backing up the claims were shared, others in Belize echoed John's sentiments, and his friends were freed.  Focusing on the horrors occurring against the people kept everyone amp'd up... (the reading material wasn't in short supply).  It was all fuel for the fire to keep us coming back.   And we did.

And where are we now, more than 3 months later?  Sitting around that fire, waiting for John to throw on a couple of logs, lol.   We don't want it to get cold and dark.

Oh....and we've been playing with his troll.   He stopped by to sread his sunshine and bullshit, and tried to get us dirty.  But just like that rich chocolate cake, or cold bottle of tequila, all things in moderation......we don't want to make ourselves sick.  ヽ( ヅ )ノ
And so, with perfect timing and truly fitting prose, Sandwillow gave him a beautiful send off.
I thought I'd share part of it:

Guess your finished here.

“No wise fish would go anywhere without a porpoise.” 

And you really don't have one. We're just having fun and trying to get together a way to help some kids out. We started with a mutual interest but not a mutual judgement. We want to play nice and you just can't stop yourself from kicking the sandcastle.

que no pare la fiesta......


Trabajo  mañana   :)



  1. I'm so disgusted that I am drowning in work at the present. :(
    I am in this God forsaken place (St. Louis it's like 25 degrees with snow everywhere. A horrible place to be for a Florida (Cracker)!

  2. No worries buddy. Even Florida is a horrible place to be right now for a cracker. Not 25 degrees, but it says possible freeze in some places. Poor buggers.
    So finish your work, and then play. :)

  3. Hello, Mcafers. Just dropping in to say hello. You probably seen me on Mcafee's blog and decided to venture my way this way also. Great Blog Web. I as well as I think most have appreciated your contributions. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. A few key members of Mcafee's blog has kept it alive.Not going to try and name them all so I don't miss someone and offend. We all know who they are.But I think You "WEB" Have been key. I hope the "person of interest" appreciates you feeding life into his blog while he is out on a much needed getaway. I salute you brother.

    1. Didn't know how my name would show until I submitted. This is David Snider

    2. Hi David, glad to see you. Thanks for the comps., especially 'cause I'm new to this. Yep, we've been trying to keep things flying so to speak.
      I deleted your email addy, only for your safety. At some point I will make a contact page, and you are welcome to share it if you choose. If you want it up now, put it back, I won't delete it.
      ps...salute your sister instead. LOL

  4. LOL Assumptions huh? lol. Sorry. And I do Salute you Sister!

    1. I had posed the question of how many of us are female who are diligent followers of Mr. McAfee. I think it is probably an even split or leaning to female.

      So our troll seems to have left the building in a huff. He deleted my posts on his blog. I guess he is censoring out the dissenting posts. Pity too since I had put a lot of thought into what I wrote.

      It would be cool if we could all do some kind of real time chat thing. Either texting or maybe even voice. It is always interesting to hear people's voices.

    2. You know, I was thinking about making one of the pages into a live chat spot. With your knowledge, how does that sound? The posts are going up in real time (put it on moderate last night for a while), so our conversation would be in the comments box, and could be replied to immediately. I actually have the page made, just wasn't sure.
      As cool as voice is, I worry that would take away from the blog comments. What would all the peeps read then? lol

    3. That would be cool. A tree house to play in.

    4. Yes, I'll shoot for the end of the week. We need somewhere to discuss the outcome of our calls.
      The Tree House shall be taken under consideration as the pages name. ;)

  5. Web, you certainly do deserve props for creating this blog. Over 3,600 hits in such a short time, the loon would be jealous! Speaking of the troll, I am glad that he left in a huff, and we can only hope he doesn't return. As I said, he is a distraction, a useless distraction. Sandwillow's parting comment to him was perfect!

    Alas, I will not be hanging out with the ladies in the tree discussing bad boys, not that I wouldn't enjoy being surrounded by you ladies, lol.

    The VIP article was illuminating, and really illustrates how steeped in corruption the Belizean government is, with no intention of interrupting their gravy train.

    I found the article about the murdered flight attendant horrifying, and if I interpreted correctly, happened in broad daylight. Ambergris Caye was once a destination that women could safely visit solo, so much has changed.

    We are all hoping that MIA John, is waiting to post something important, a big event, something well worth the wait. In the meantime, finding an avenue to provide donations to assist the kids is a worthy one.

    I have limited time, so would not be one to use a chat,I usually submit my comments, exit, and come back later to read the responses. I may be in the minority, but blogging is my speed.

    Hola David, glad you found us & welcome aboard.

  6. In rereading the VIP article, I just noticed that it was a 2011 issue of the San Pedro Sun, I am not so observant on a sleepy Sunday morning. Still, it is relevant, and it appears that things have gone from bad to worse since then.

    Would somebody please tell me what David Bently on WIM is trying to say?

    Happy Sunday morn to all.

    1. well then.... (☉_☉) I would be surprised if he actually knew himself. smh LOL
      I think I deciphered part of it, but then whooosh, gonzo.

    2. @DB
      re: Blue/David He was mean to me, I'm done with him.......

      I'm amorphous? thats a blob, he called me a blob.

      I have never been called a blob before. :) I don't even know how to react to that.

    3. I don't think that's what he meant. You are not a blob, or unformed, you are not bent, broken, crooked or lumpy. You are not amorphous. I actually think he believes you to be less jaded or less likely to be judgmental. That your opinion is not formed without information, making it unformed? Maybe I'm totally off, but it really didn't sound like an insult to me. I wish he wasn't so ambiguous though. It's frustrating because I think he has a plethora of information about Belize, it's just no fun to try to decipher the message. Just spit it out already. Please.
      On another note, I found this very interesting video today, made by a young Belizean. Only problem is me with his accent, I'm not picking up everything he says. Some of you guys might be far more capable of really understanding than I have been. Perhaps this is a young man who could be an asset to know. Doesn't seem too impressed with things either.

    4. @sandwillow
      We are all amorphous in that we have no form, just text. On the internet no one knows if you are a dog. I don't think he meant it as an insult. He talks in riddles kind of.
      I watched the video and yeah he seems a little critical of the current situation but he does not seem like someone who would "lead his people" as it were. He has the appearance of someone who is privileged. I could be wrong but it seemed more like a random rant than a call for change.

      Has there been any progress on finding ways to help Belize? It seems so odd to me that it has gone so horribly wrong there. They were under British rule for quite some time. They swapped one tyranny for another.

    5. lol Agreed, he's probably not the next Nelson Mandela, but he is young with a voice he's not afraid to use. Having a diverse group of people both on the ground and behind the keyboard will give us more chance at success. I have a lot of faith in the power of young adults, and their ability to bring about change..........who knows, he may be a wealth of information.

      Part of my problem really was the inability to know what exactly he was saying most of the time. I could make out bits and pieces, but sometimes he talked so fast and the accent and slang got thicker, and I was lost. I caught the rising crime, and running from the cops, and something about Barrow at the end. And me instead of I..... lol, it's worth a shot.

    6. We are all amorphous in that we have no form, just text. On the internet no one knows if you are a dog. I don't think he meant it as an insult. He talks in riddles kind of.

      SL wrote the same crap on my website and I deleted it. How can one person have so much free time and desire to post as so many different people? Stupidity and insanity.

    7. Want to play nice Justin? No more kicking, biting, scratching, pushing or flicking boogers on anyone. You're almost there.
      You could try disagreeing politely. Just who do you think we all are? Cause I'm renaming you Capt. Hook.

    8. @WEB
      He was speaking in Kriol. I can catch the gist of it when it is written out like on that one news site. Its harder when it is just spoken. It is kind of a sing songy language so words run together.

      It sounded like he was talking about all the crime in the city and not like he wants to point fingers, but I'm pointing the finger at you, the PM. He mentioned the GSU by name as well.

      LOL. I only post as me, SL (or sometimes it shows up as Shivany Lane) same account, same person.
      The only thing I posted on your site that was the same was the phrase "on the internet no one knows if you are a dog". You really, really have problems with getting your facts straight.
      You deleted my post because it was a dissenting view, yet you whine that John and his people are doing the same thing on his blog.
      I don't have as much time as you, apparently. I have made a total of 4 posts to your site...all deleted. I post to John's blog and occasionally here. That is the extent of the time I spend on John McAfee.
      I don't have 2 blogs dedicated to smearing him. i don't chase alll over the internet looking for every news story or video of him so I can get my comments in. And when you comment, you do so profusely.

      BTW, The phrase "On the internet nobody knows you're a dog" is an adage which began as the caption of a cartoon by Peter Steiner published by The New Yorker on July 5, 1993. The cartoon features two dogs: one sitting on a chair in front of a computer, speaking the caption to a second dog sitting on the floor. As of 2011, the panel was the most reproduced cartoon from The New Yorker, and Steiner has earned over US $50,000 from its reprinting.
      Anyone familiar with Internet memes would know that and recognize it. Now if you will excuse me, I have a life to get back to. i am sorry that you do not.

    9. @ Justin

      For someone who has commented/posted under several differnt names,
      You might not want to point the finger at someone doing the same.

    10. @ SL didn't mean you are actually someone else, unless you are :). I'm still confused about who I am.
      I have to get off of the internet, I'm channeling BBB.

    11. It's not you, it's him. This is what he does, then he'll delete his comments, and run away, just like last time.
      But tell me Justin-Dean-Kevin (just to name a few, wink wink), as the expert in this field,
      "How can one person have so much free time and desire to post as so many different people? Stupidity and insanity."
      We await your response with bated breath. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    12. Nope, I am SL... I have always been just SL.
      I consider my personae to be an extension of myself. I also am myself in all conversations, etc. I have never pretended to be something I am not. It's easier to be truthful than to lie I think.

      Now that guy Justin... he has so many identities he can't keep his stories straight. But why let a silly thing like facts get in the way of him telling his twisted stories, eh?

      Hey that's it, he is practicing writing twisted fan fiction.

    13. Oh no, SL, you've foiled his Master plan. He's been quietly collecting documented proof, tirelessly accumulating hours of interviews and creating mountains of data, all about John McAfee, until his great American novel (written in Mexico) is published (by him) just days before JM's movie release.
      Now he knows your on to him.....shhhh
      baja hahahahaha

    14. He wouldn't know documented proof if it came up and bit his arse ;)

      His argument skills are very poor. He has no idea how to compile data, let alone use it to prove anything. In America, one is entitled to face their accuser. Justin would pee his pants if he had to confront John McAfee with any of his erroneous accusations. Seriously, on the one knows if you are a dog... and cowards hide behind anonymity, multiple screen names and sock puppets.

      Thats enough ranting. At least he keeps us amused during the lulls.

    15. Oh yes, that he does. And he didn't like Sandwillow calling him Capt. Hook either.
      baja hahahahaha

  7. Morning DB, I imagine it is another beautiful day there. :) Thanks for the comps...much appreciated.

    I too am glad the troll is gone. He brings such a shitty vibe with him where ever he lands. ;) I don't intend on allowing any comments from him ever again. I can't stand hypocrites.

    Yes, I noticed it was 2011, but there is no follow up that it has been signed, nothing I could find anywhere. That seems to be the way in follow up showing the outcome of the original piece. I'm going to try to find the man listed as Chairman of VIP to see if he has some leads. I have no problem contacting anyone and asking for help, I just need the right people to contact so I don't waste time.

    Just up and about LOL so I haven't been to wim yet. Will go now to see what you saw.

  8. This post didn't show up for me until now. I'll have to be more observant.
    It's March. YEA

    1. Birthday? Anniversary? or just Spring? ( ・◇・)?

  9. Spring is definitely worth getting excited about...... \(◦'⌣'◦)/

  10. Has anyone else notice that the comments on wim haven't updated for almost 12 hours? I am going to look on the sunny side of life, and take it as a sign.

    John McAfee, does this mean you're going to post soon?

  11. Hopes of Spring dashed, walked out the front door. Geeez, it's cold here. Then my really mean husband said, we're getting 6" of snow tonight.
    Somebody help me!

  12. You may have to trade him in. ◔_◔ . ☉_☉ . ◉‿◉

  13. It's already started snowing and it is one of those beautiful snows!
    Big flakes, kind of dry, accumulating quickly.
    Maybe not so bad.

  14. Where the heck is Connie and BBB they said they were coming to play but no sign of them. On either site. I guess they're lost in David Blue's maze.
    Someone is going to have to go rescue them. SL?

  15. SL, see if you can find Reality while your there.

  16. Yes, I am wondering the same thing. Where have all the regs gone? (regs, lol). I love Reality's sense of humor, he (i think he) is such a smart's great. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    BBB said she was going to come and play, and I really thought Connie and Gaby, or other regular contributors would be here too. I guess I'll go drop the link again......