Thursday, February 21, 2013


As we all wade through the enormous amount of articles relating to John and Belize, it gets hard to remember there was LBB ~ life before Belize.  But there was, and an exciting life it was.  When I see the video of the magnificent men in their flying machines, I can imagine how utterly fantastic their days were.  Soaring over the earth, landing in places that haven't seen footprints in centuries ~ if ever, sleeping under the stars then waking up to do it all again..........
 Sky Gypsys . . .. . . .. a completely appropriate name to portray the band of high flying, wind in the face, don't tie me down, let's go on an adventure, group of players.  What fun it must have been.  A tragic accident seemed to signal the beginning of the end, and Belize was on the short list of new adventures.  This article was written in 2007, making it unclouded by murder and corruption, and focusing only on the issue at hand..... rich dudes & dudettes having a blast and living the life.


the attached review seems to fall in line with John's current assessment of these books.

but this review is glowing....recognize the author?




  1. The Sky Gypsies blog is still around creating low level aerial images of New Mexico's boot heel and building with ideas and concepts about weight shift control light sport aviation.

    1. Thank you B, glad you joined us. I recognized your avatar from one of the Sky Gypsy videos on the side bar. So, your one of the lucky ones then? Man, that looks like some major fun.....a huge rush I'm sure.
      Thanks for the link too, I'll check it out. Sounds like you're working on getting even closer to flying like a bird.

    2. The last man standing in Rodeo and managing John's former estate now the Painted Pony Resort.

    3. That really is in the middle of no where!

    4. Awesome ! I am a Painted Pony fan, so I especially love the name. Have all the hangars been removed, leaving no trace of the Sky Gypsys? Or were they just not visible in the photos?
      Absolutely gorgeous, I'd love to visit.

    5. The air park, Amigos del Cielo, is one mile to the west of the Painted Pony Resort and the Sky Gypsy complex with the 4 hangers, greenhouse, cafe, and house are still around and in use by the new owner. As are the runways and hanger on the estate. And of course there still is the 100' Sky Gypsy geoglyph in the desert.

    6. That is very cool indeed. I'm looking for more info now, as the creative process is intriguing. How does the image remain visible despite blowing dirt for example? Does it change color when it rains? I am fascinated by this, as with most non traditional art.
      Thanks for sharing this B. I hope everyone has had a chance to go see your blog. Because you have Blogger as well, can I ask for help please? I'm new to this, and can't find a way of making the links in comments accessible any other way than C&P. Np on my posts, just the comments.
      Am I looking for something that doesn't exist? lol

    7. The only way I know of is to code the link when commenting
      Hiking in the High New Mexico Desert

  2. Thanks Web. The Sky Gypsies article was magical, easy to understand the lure of aerotrekking.

    Thanks for the link to the Sky Gypsies blog, I will definitely check it out