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Teens trying to form National Youth Council of Belize

Caricom Youth Ambassador Belize Facebook page

Youth for the Future Facebook page

NYDPC Facebook page


Time for a change....NOW

Not going to take the corruption.....


Better late than never....

Phillip "Fawda" Henry....LISTEN TO THIS MAN BELIZE

Beautiful story of Love and Giving


Money for businesses

International Criminal Court

Human Rights general outline

Amnesty International

US Dept.of State & Belize

Human Development Report :(

Human Rights Organizations around the World

Help with Business thieves


Dr. Herbert Gayle background

About the Crime Report

Dr.Gayle's 400 pg report ~ Male social participation and crime in Urban Belize

Another senseless death

5 passports?

Plane found in only took a week

Drug Runners?

Not safe to cash your pay-cheque?

Strangled American female tourist found.

Corrupt Judicial System not good for everyday man

Corrupt Judicial System just fine for some

Cruise Ships Cancel

more fallout from Cruise ships cancelling

Is Belize falling apart? Written by native Belizean

Burned to the Ground

Belize 2012 ~ Highest Murder Rate EVER

The violence continues in 2013

Time for a change?

Farewell to Jasmine

Belizeans busted in Mexico


Who will own Belize when Barrow is through?

Greedy Barrow at it again...$60M

Barrow's 2013 budget slammed

Lights dimming on Economic Freedom

Proposed 9th Amendment

GSU as described by Wikipedia

Corruption in Belize

Buy your way out.....

GSU accused of Human Rights Violations

A multitude of disturbing GSU actions

Perceived Corruption Report...where is Belize out of 180 countries?


Barrow vs. Ashcroft. The Losers?....Belizeans

corruption and complaints....from 2009

No payoff? Barrow is mad.

Bend over Belizeans (while Barrow steals your land).

.... but the people don't like it, Dean

GSU at work

GSU at it again

Corruption article.....interesting date

GSU doing what they want

Government Manipulation of Gas Prices

Entire family jailed for 2 bullets they say were planted by cops

Barrow pays off Gangs

Belize refuses to sign UN Anti-Corruption Convention

Government taking more away

Belize it only once it happens

Former PM says he's on hit list

Deadly training for GSU



Barrow denies bargaining with Gangs

Barrow increases security....for himself

Freedom House reports on Belize.....not good

A Hero in Government

And the expected opposition

And more opposition

Belize failing miserably in drug war

Perhaps this will allow murders to be solved

2013 on track to beat 2012 (the highest # of murders on record)


20K missing & made to pay to leave cop shop....ummmm

Inmates brawl while waiting for court

No common sense with another crime scene

who's telling the truth?

Raped by Police?

Bad guys walk out under cops noses

Lotta talk, little message. Or is it just me?

shoot fleeing men in back of head walks free

with cops like these, who needs enemies?

New Top Cop

Celebrate New Commissioner despite Rising Crime

cops like money and margaritas too.....

Jeffrey Furgala

Jeffrey's family calls bullshit

Furgala Family Memorial

First post for Jeff Furgala

GSU finds guns

Do cops steal purses too?

Cold Blooded police

Another cop walks free

Local tour guide beaten by police

Fighting among themselves....could we get them to eat their own?

Tourism Police rough up 57 yr old female business owner

Cop shoots ANOTHER person