Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Someone on whoismcafee wanted to know the value of John's blog.  This link will show you that, plus some other interesting data.

then enter for results


  1. That is interesting, and illustrates that the Blog does not exist to be a huge moneymaker. I mean, it is a tidy sum, but not a fortune. It probably pays Chad, and a few other expenses.

  2. Still would like to know who Johnny E is/was.

  3. He posted something snarky on theJohnMcafeestory blog that I saw. I think Connie saw him elsewhere too? He has a FB page as well she said.
    Anyone who poisons problematic dogs instead of dealing with the owner like a human being should be chained up in the yard, and thrown scraps once a day. Maybe some wienerschnitzel? Ja, sehr gut. ;-)

  4. I couldn't agree more, about the dogs. I'm always shocked that people would hurt an animal when they are so easily trained, even wild animals. I have a lot of trees, so I have a lot of wild life.
    Someone in my neighborhood put out poison. I had to call the state police to put down 2 possums, 2 raccoons, Bob, my friendly ground hog, and 3 squirrels over a two day period.
    I thought Johnny E was testing for responses with that story seemed odd after other things he wrote. A lot of what he wrote seemed like research. Would like to know who he really is.