Tuesday, February 19, 2013



  • Is a 67 year old man having sex with girls in their late teens, in tube tops,in Belize, acceptable (in your head)? 
  • Is it then acceptable that after a celestial marriage there's other 67 year old men with girls in their late teens, in prairie outfits in Colorado City?

  • I think and hope we would all agree that under 17 is disgusting But how many of JM's supporters would move that age up?
  • Is it OK because the girls say it is, because that's true of both.
  • Is it more acceptable because JM looks good at his age and has money then if he wasn't good looking for his age and living on SS?
  • Is it more acceptable to have a harem then to have multiple wives?
  • Is one sided polyamory more acceptable then one sided polygamy? 

  • Do you ignore the girls part in all of this?


  1. Sandwillow has posed some excellent questions that I'm happy we turned into a post.
    Where to start?
    If a 67 year old man, not of great wealth, were to approach a 17 yr old here, with the intentions of a physical relationship, he would most likely be charged with lewd & lascivious.
    Factor the money in, and all bets are off. She may call him a 'perv' or tell him to fuck off, but she probably wouldn't call the cops. (if she didn't take him up on the offer....a distinct possibility). The point is you're right. The money is a huge component of the older/younger scenario. And we all know it. Likely there are very few of us who look at an o/y couple and don't assume the 'older' is loaded. But money can blur reality.
    Flip this to a 3rd world County, and it takes a twist completely foreign to our way of life. I can't imagine being encouraged by my family to 'sell to the highest bidder' with the hopes of a better life. How sad it must be to know your limitations at such a young age. (fyi ~ it's this faction of Belize I would like to help the most)
    And so, with each of them playing a part, it becomes the perfect union, where ultimately in the end, everyone gets what they need.
    In the case of John & Sam, I sense an honest love, a real love. The recent photos of Sam glowed with love, and I don't think she's been studying acting, lol. It may be rare for a relationship of convenience to grow into that which so many covet, but I truly believe it has.

    As for the polyamorous lifestyle. . . . I only know it wouldn't fly at my house. lol ;-)

  2. As tough as it is for many of us to grasp, John may have been their saviour. He encouraged them to seek education, he gave them a safe haven, he provided for them. It is a tough question, I will grant you that, but probably a choice the young ladies were very willing to make. Sounds better than plying their trade to who knows who, and perhaps being physically and/or mentally harmed. It is a sad way of life for many young women and men the world over, but it is a their reality. John gave them a respite, and hopefully, maybe John inspired them to reach for a better life. It would be interesting to sit down and talk to a few of them, wouldn't it, to get their input?

  3. Sure I get it.
    But, in comparison to the Morman Polygamist societies I'm finding little difference:
    Rich man = ticket out of poverty
    religoius man = ticket to heaven
    Only, one of these is against the law.
    I'm wanting to know how each of us view the comparison of JM's story with a mainstream polygamist who stays within the legal age limits but marries much younger women. And if you think your own personal feelings are tinted by money, appeal and lifestyle.

  4. In polygamist religious societies, or cults, many of the young women are groomed (brainwashed) into accepting this role in their life. Therefore, are they truly left with the freedom of choice?

    Young women who find a a rich man, to be their ticket out of poverty, may be desperate, but are still left with choice. I suppose that could be argued as well.

    It probably is easier to accept all John's many young girlfriends for exactly the reasons you have stated.

  5. Do you define: mainstream polygamists as 'free thinkers', where all fully mature parties have made a conscious choice to live that lifestyle? and : religious polygamists as the 'Warren Jeffs' type images we all know? Or are they one and the same, varying only slightly, and the 'free thinkers' are actually polyamorous, and break no laws?

  6. Truthfully, I have not done alot of research on polygamy, but yes, in my mind, they are one and the same to some degree. As far as polyamorous, as long as participants are consenting adults, of legal age, with no laws being broken (I am sure somewhere in the this big, wide world, there is a law against it), it is a moral issue. How jealousy and personality differences would not cause serious conflicts is beyond me. This is just my opinion, and I welcome the opinions of others to further my own understanding.

  7. I actually have done a good bit of research into polygamy. I've met polygamists. I would have said that the life style was mentally abusive up until I question myself the other day.
    If a harem isn't abusive then why do I feel a polygamist relationship is abusive?
    In both cases if the girl/woman leaves she leaves with nothing and is plunged into poverty.
    Is this for ME different because it's a little more sophisticated. JM's story is about good looking people, no children, money, a tropical island, travel and shopping.
    I'm glad someone else see's some similarities because that's all I could see when I started thinking about it.
    Now I'm wondering about myself.

  8. I think the 'harem' is made up of willing participants, who for what ever reason, have decided it's the life they want. They are free to leave at any time, and resume their lives in the community of their choice, going to school, working, marrying, whatever.
    Polygamy is made up of one willing participant and xx number of participants who are present only because they have been groomed for 'it' their entire lives. They stay because they have no life outside the confines of their community, and fear being shunned by everyone they love.

  9. "Shunned by everyone they love"
    Thank you for finding a difference that matters.
    Groomed, brain washed, taught......Not all that different for children, unless, a child is taught to question.