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McAFEE WEEKLY.........conversations with John

parts 1 & 2

 നധ  It was only week two, so I was still anxious. Waiting for John's email, I pondered the possible topics.  There was certainly no shortage in my mind of things to talk about, but this week I was hoping JM would take the opportunity to pick something that was important to him. Last week had been such a blast, and hearing his laughter and the enjoyment he got reminiscing about the Sky Gypsy days had me hoping for more of the same.  I opened the email and smiled..... this was going to be enlightening to say the least.  JM had made a decision, and I was completely game......although a little concerned about having enough questions to ask..... well, momentarily anyway.  

Looking at the words,  I realized there were literally hundreds of little branches we could veer off onto, and my old school note taking was not going to cut it.  There was no telling where this was going to go, and I wanted to capture all of John's words for everyone else, too.  Poised and ready, iPod standing by, the phone was go time.  I thanked John for 'stopping by' and hit the record button.  

WEB ~ That's a very interesting list you came up with.....Love, Romance, Ambition, Greed and  Jealousy.  It's like the good, the bad, and the ugly.
JM ~ Yes it is.
WEB ~ Do you lump them together for a reason?
JM ~ Well of course   *laughter*  how do you separate them?  Here's the want to talk about feet and legs, but let's ignore one or the other and still walk.   Now why would I link jealousy to love and romance?........are you married?  (I am)
JM ~ then you have had at least one deep relationship........I suspect you've had more than one if you're like most of us and I have never met you or your husband, but at some point in dating, engagement or marriage at least one of you experienced jealousy.  (Yep)
JM ~ there are no relationships that I have ever seen of this nature that did not.... 
so obviously you cannot speak of one without the other
WEB ~ At least one other.......meaning if you have one of the above elements, at least one or more others will enter?
JM ~ Well of course, to have jealousy you must have love or romance or expectations of such and if you have romance there's certainly jealousy       (that's true)
JM ~ There may not be jealousy sexually but there will be jealousy romantically, and I can explain what I mean,  but we'll go into romance later.....
So, if you have love, well, if it's real love, then you have no jealousy, but I think real love is much like the myth of the dragons......the dragons appear to be gone, and what's left is the real world without it's magic.  Real love, which I do in fact believe in, is the love where you put your partner first, you want their happiness.   If they come home and say ' you know what, I had sex today with my secretary, and it was great'.  Real love says 'God, I'm so happy for you, and it means it'.   That's true love.
Now the possessive form of love,  which seems to be all that's left in this world,  It's the love that says, 'wait a minute, you had sex with your secretary?   You enjoyed it?  Your life is much happier, but now I'm insecure, I'm angry...... I'm whatever', right?  That doesn't seem much like love to me.  And yet it seems to be the state of affairs for most relationships.
WEB ~ But you could argue the other position that says it doesn't seem much like love, if you go bang your secretary, and you should be home banging your mate.
JM ~ Well...uhh, no it's make used a term that doesn't belong here
WEB ~ Ok, sorry.......and you're right, if we're talking love- not just sex...... so you make love someone else and you should be home making love to me.  But...
JM ~ No, There's no should to it.  Love doesn't say you should do anything.  Love says you do what you do,  do what you do naturally and harmoniously with free will.
You know if you love a bird you don't cage it you set it free, and a free bird will likely flit from branch to branch that's just the way birds seem to live.  So if your husband or your wife..... lets say your wife is making love to the secretary man or woman, its still the same thing.  If in fact he loves you and you love him,  he knows that true love will not care.  And that it means nothing, and he was just sexually frustrated or she looked really good.....his wife wasn't there.  He did nothing to his wife. did he? nothing. She was not harmed, moved or shoved aside.  The secretary didn't crawl in bed with them and keep her awake all night,  no,  nothing happened other than he enjoyed himself, or she enjoyed herself.  This is love.
Now, possessive love means you should do something.  Meaning, I want you to behave in a way that makes me secure, or makes me happy or content.  That's not love.  That's all about you.  That's selfishness.
WEB ~ It is, but I think what's happened is if we look at human nature, the natural path would not to be with only one person exclusively....
JM ~ No, it's not normal for any living creature
WEB ~ Right, but our society has twisted it,  so it is supposed to be the norm here, at least with marriage, maybe not so much love, and that's a whole different ball game.
JM ~ Marriage is a different issue, and it doesn't belong with love, romance, or  **.  It belongs in some other equation of its own with very strange proportions and many different variables.   *laughter*  But we can talk about marriage if you want.
WEB ~ Well, I know you were married once, so obviously there was love.....
JM ~ Actually, I don't think one follows from the other           (Oh...)
Look at the Chinese for example......not only are they not in love, but they don't even meet the person until the day they get way to be in love, and their system functions normally...that's an excellent marriage by the way
WEB ~ It is one kind of marriage.......not one I agree with, but one that has worked through the ages
JM ~ Why would you not agree with that?  when you know what our system creates.... ok lets start with the Asian system.....the parents love their children, all parents want the best for their children and love them...although it doesn't necessarily go the other way from children to parents       (True)
JM ~ And so the parents will pick a mate that will balance out their child's weaknesses, 
that will be supportive, and that when conjoined together will make a powerful union.
Or in contrast, look at the way its done here.....with, oh what a cute guy  *laughter*
JM ~ No, I'm serious....
WEB ~ No, its just that I am intrigued by what you just said about picking a mate that will balance out the weaknesses of the other, I've never heard anyone put it like that before.
And in an arranged marriage that's what the parents do?  But we don't....
JM ~ Yes......we are so illogical here, we allow 18 year old hormones to determine the future of a child?  I'd rather play the stock market, or risk the roll of the dice.....hell, go to Vegas and land on 36 add it up to 9, then marry a guy whose name starts with J.  *laughter*
the hormones will not last, they just don't, and therefore you have a marriage based on a false concept
WEB ~ Okay, so I'm sure you find some people who think your way, but there have to be many more who think the other way, right?
JM ~ Oh no, The world is overwhelmingly on my side.   (oh?)
All of India, China, Nepal, Pakistan, Thailand, Tibet, Philippines, even some of the Americanized parts still practice this, so no, I'm absolutely not alone. its the Europeans who are screwed up.
WEB ~ So when you say your way you're referring to arranged marriages being smarter,
and that these arranged marriages allow for the real love you're talking about?
JM ~ yes
WEB ~ Meaning that allows for what we refer here to as 'infidelity' to occur
JM ~ It depends on the country, there's no such thing in japan or China or most of Asia
its a meaningless concept...its like 'I was at work and you actually ate?  You went to the refrigerator and made a sandwich and ate it and I wasn't there?'  It's absurd, it's the same thing.  In japan sex is considered just like food, it's a necessary bodily function.  And if you're married it also serves the purpose of propagation.  If you're a husband and you're at work and your wife is sleeping with the gardener, big deal.  In fact, most men would pay the gardener more. *laughter*   'I understand that you're porking my wife, I expect you to treat her with kindness, and watch out for're now part of the family.  I'm going to double your salary, and I  expect you to perform extra hard on the nights I'm going to visit one of my mistress'.  *laughter*
WEB ~ But that's a pipe dream.....have you seen the way men go Neanderthal when they are jealous, and their woman is with another man?
JM ~ go what?
WEB ~ Ape shit.  Men go ballistic.
JM ~ Only in this country, because we are conditioned to do so.  We are conditioned to believe in this thing that does not of course they're going to go ape shit.  They don't do it in Japan, they don't go ape shit at all.   I know many Japanese families, and trust me the men are quite pleased if their wife chooses a sideline who is clean, intelligent, and serviceable.  
WEB ~ So she's allowed to as well, it's not just the men?
JM ~ Of course not.
WEB ~ Okay, then it's fair, and not one sided.
JM ~ Why should it be one sided?      (it shouldn't)  
It's only one sided in this country where we make believe that both people are being faithful but only the man is the one allowed to.  It's bizarre. Completely ridiculous.
WEB ~ It is ridiculous.  So which one of those 5 words has the most impact on you?
JM ~ Well jealousy has the greatest impact of all things, everywhere where jealousy is.
And that's going to be the Western world only.
WEB ~ And the difference between jealousy and you have to have love to have jealousy?
JM ~ No, you only have to have the idea of romance.....or heavily activated hormones.  
Two teenagers can have sex once and the next day the boy is jealous, that's not love,
so no, you don't need love for jealousy......just insecurity and desire........ the two of those will always make jealousy.   Envy is an entirely different thing....that man has a bigger car than mine, i want a bigger car you don't get mad, you're not going to beat someone up over it, you don't cry you say hmmm, I'm going to work harder so I can get a car bigger than his.   and guess what, envy's not so bad now is it?  It gives us ambition.
WEB ~ Except when envy creates greed, which it does in some people.
JM ~ does it?
WEB ~ oh, absolutely 
JM ~ why?
WEB ~ You don't think there are people out there who are envious of what people have, and greed drives them to do whatever  they have to in order to get it?
JM ~ Greed is created by excess, it has nothing to do with envy.  If you have all the money in the world, you don't envy anyone.....but you still want more.  Trust me, I've been there, I know that, I know a lot of rich people.  
WEB ~ I know, I do too.......maybe not you're caliber, but.......
JM ~ So you know, it's the same thing, greed.  And envy has nothing to do with greed....... greed occurs because of excess.  Meaning that we have too much spare time, too much shit,  we're dissatisfied, and we think if we just get more shit, we'll be satisfied (we won't)  That's greed.  Envy is ' I'm working hard, that guy has more than me, I'm going to work harder, because I want more than him'.  That's not greed, that's competition.
WEB ~ and ambition.  So putting dirt bags in the equation doesn't work, because they have no morals, and you say that's not greed.
JM ~ No greed is having too much, and wanting more.  Envy is not having enough, and wanting what the other man has.   These are different things entirely.
WEB ~ Then envy creates ambition?
JM ~ Absolutely, without envy we would have no ambition.  Without ambition, we'd have no envy plays a very crucial role, jealousy doesn't.  Jealousy is unique to culture, there is no jealousy in 90% of the world.  It exists in places like America, South America.....        (Canada)
JM ~ Exactly, the westernized world created jealousy out of the building blocks of its beliefs,  so jealousy is a false emotion, created by culture.  Envy is not, envy is unique to all people.  'hey, you've got that stick, I want that stick' or 'Oh, your hair looks really nice, where did you get it done? I'm going to the same place'  so envy creates ambition.
jealousy's the only thing that's out of order here.....I mean jealousy does nothing good.
WEB ~ Well, let me ask you about ambition then, because I personally think there are all kinds of ambition, that it isn't just one thing.  
JM ~ Of course....but it really is one thing, it just manifests in different ways.   Here's what ambition is.....ambition is the movement towards a goal.  Alright?  I want to graduate from college, that's an ambition, a goal.  I move towards it....all of my energy or some of my energies flow into it.....Another ambition, I want to be President of this company.  What does it do?  It forces me to work harder, pay attention and learn fast.... be competitive.  So ambition is a good thing.  Nothing wrong with it that either.  It makes progress and change.
WEB ~ Okay, so the silicone blond bimbo, whose only ambition is to marry rich?
JM ~ That's perfect, there's nothing wrong with that either.  If she succeeds, then her genes should stay in the pool, because she landed the rich guy, who by the fact that he is rich, is probably intelligent too, and the two of them should have kids.
WEB ~ So that sort of ambition is fine ?
JM ~ Well what's wrong with it?
WEB ~ It's not so much wrong......I guess I likened it to sleeping your way to the top.....
JM ~ So what's wrong with that?  Because here's the issue....if this was a perfect world, if our culture, with all of it's rules and it's structures and it's hierarchy's were perfect, then all smart people would get to the top.  But it's not, it has greed and jealousy in it and so it's screwed up.  So the people at the bottom who are really smart, maybe that's the only way they can do it....they are smart enough to figure out a story, or an appearance or way of moving ,speaking and being that attracts those at the top.  cool, then they should be at the top.  Just because they didn't have to work at it they way you want to, trust me they still had to work, it's hard sleeping your way to the top.  It's much harder than learning.  *laughter*
WEB ~ Oh, I know nothing is free, you're going to work for it somehow, someway no matter what, and I always laugh when someone talks about having to pay  a prostitute for sex.....
JM ~ There is not a man on this earth who does not pay for sex
WEB ~ No shit, that's why I laugh at these fools. They don't get it. (I just said 'no shit?') 
JM ~ If a man is having sex, believe me, he is paying for it, and the less structured the payment, the more he has to pay.  Structure meaning 'what does it cost for an Around the World?'  'well, that's going to be $240.00'  Okay, that's very structured, your not going to get screwed too much, provided you don't drink a lot or get robbed.  Now, with a marriage, you don't upfront say 'look, I want to have sex 5 times a week, for 3 hours each time, and in exchange I will pay up to $900.00 a month.  You'd end up getting screwed, you'd have to........ because the contract is flawed.  The only way not to get screwed over, is to pay for it blatantly and openly.  
WEB ~ I think you and Charlie Sheen would get along well,  I admire his same attitude.... 'pay for it up front and know what's going on'
JM ~ Right, 'cause if you don't know what's going on your fucked. *laughter*    This is a woman's world when it comes to the undefined contract.  Which is why women control the worlds may not think they do but they do.  Check it out, look at the statistics, look at who owns the stock, who owns the's women.  We men, we're just renters here on this planet.
WEB ~ Yes, I have a great deal of respect for women, and try to get all young women I know to respect themselves.  'We have what they want, so don't just give it up'.
JM ~ Of course not, and you're doing the right thing, but you have to look at it the other way too...the boys have what the girls want too, you know it's true they do.  (true)
JM ~ So what's wrong with the equation?  What's wrong is that you women have managed to develop the attitude that you just did 'girls, you've got what they want,don't give it up easy', but in reality, in truth, they each have what each other wants.  That's why women rule the world, you guys have somehow cleverly, screwed the equation to where you are in favor while making it seem like you're not.  The most clever thing I've ever heard of.
WEB ~ thank you Sir, on behalf of all of us (I am such a smart ass today)
JM ~ It probably took 5000 years to develop *laughter*
WEB ~ But seriously, just so you understand.  My use of that phrase is not meant as a control thing or to be prudish either.  It's because of the double standard that still exists, and the girl who has sex is a ho, while the boy is a he-ro.  It pisses me off.  So I just want them to realize they have to be smarter,  if they like sex, find one boy who won't run his mouth, be in control of themselves .....that kind of thing.
JM ~ Then that does make more sense, and I agree there should not be a double standard.  Again, this is a product of the building blocks of this society's beliefs, which makes the boys programmed to respond that way.  
WEB ~ You were going to tell me about romance
JM ~ Romance, and jealousy.  Like a big beautiful peacock, feathers on display until threatened.  So just last week, I had an interesting conversation with a young man about romance.  He is the 23 yr old boyfriend of my housekeeper.   Now, my housekeeper considers him to be unromantic, I do not know.  So we all went to Seattle.  He was driving, and on the way back, he said ' sir, you've been around a lot, and you seem to know pretty much what's going on, can you tell me....... what is romance? '  That was his question, I swear to God, 'what is romance?'  So I said, romance is whatever a woman considers necessary for you to pass the bar.  That's what romance is, pure and simple.  And once you understand it, life can become perfect for a young man.  And then I told him I didn't know the details of his relationship, but wondered if he had ever strayed outside the bonds of this commitment.  And he kind of hemmed and hawed and said ultimately 'no'.  But obviously he was saying yes.... and that's just how men talk when they don't know each other well.  So I said 'let's assume that you wanted to....what would be the most dangerous thing ~ to have sex (with another girl) without romance, or to have romance (with another girl) without sex?
JM ~ In my mind, the most dangerous thing would be to have romance without sex.  This is the real trap.  For example, let's assume...and since every woman has some slightly different and some major different opinions on what romance is, you can use this to your advantage.  You're dating a girl who thinks that a romantic evening is sitting front of a roaring fire, a candle-lit dinner, soft music in the background, reading poetry, OK, so you got that down.  Now, when you're dating this woman, you cannot date any other woman with the same ideas of romance.  However, you can easily get by with dating a woman whose idea of romance is sitting in the park, feeding squirrels.  I've known women who found that romantic, cool, dig it? got it? then it will be romantic for me then, too.  *laughter*
JM ~ No really, that's just how it works.  women create romance, men do not.  You must believe me, if a man could walk up to a woman, a stranger in a bar, and say ' I don't want to know your name, I want to fuck, are  you interested?'  and if the woman said yes, that would be the preferable woman for him. **laughter*         (I bet)
JM ~ Okay, so now, do you think men are romantic?  Heck no.  Do you think they want romance?  Absolutely not, women do.
WEB ~ So it's just a means to an end?
JM ~ Absolutely, that's all it is for men, now for women I don't know what it is, it could be the same thing.  However, if you can find 50 women, each with mutually exclusive expectations of romance, you know, maybe one of them is 'rolling an egg with your nose', if you can find such a woman, then latch on to her because she'll be a great asset later in can live happily ever after.  *wild laughter*    So the problem is not sex, the problem is romance.....and from romance we get our jealousy.  
WEB ~ Because the peacock is showing his feathers to get what he wants and nobody else can have it.  
JM ~ That's correct, there we go.  And now the man must be a peacock with 50 different sets of feathers.
WEB ~ What do you think he learned?
JM ~ Well I suspect a great deal......when a young man at that age asks me a question, which for him seemed difficult to ask, then I know it's something he's going to listen to when I answer it.  So, I went on and explained the entire facts of life to him as I understand them.  He seemed somewhat grateful.....and a little bit frightened *laughter* and mildly confused ... *hard laughter*
WEB ~ I'm sure he was grateful too, it's not many young men who will get straight forward, raw advice from anyone, never mind someone with such a wide array of life experience.
JM ~ That's right, and here's the other thing I told can approach life however you want.  And he said to me 'I want to feel romantic', and I laughed and said 'don't be ridiculous', then I posed the same question to him I had asked earlier...'if you could walk up to a woman and say ' I don't want to know your name, don't ask me mine, I don't want to talk, I just want to fuck, are you interested?..... and if she replied yes, then wouldn't that be the girl you'd want to take home?'.  And he said, 'yes, of course', OK, I said, so now do you still think you can feel romantic?  Get real.  It's not in your system.....but here's what is in your system.  You are a man, and you've got balls....a brave man can get what he wants.  For example, and I have really done this, and I'm not ashamed to say it.  When I first moved to New York City, I was 23 years old....and there were so many women.... now keep in mind I had a degree in mathematics and I had some graduate courses, so I was pretty sharp in math, and I knew what the statistics were.  So I just started to run the statistics, and I would go out..... I started at a bar on Lexington Ave at 51st Street.  And I went in one night, it was a singles bar, and I did exactly that.....only not that rude.  I walked up to every woman in the bar and said 'hello, would you like to fuck?'.....I said it very sweetly.  *laughter*  and the seventh woman said 'that's the most refreshing thing I've heard this week, you bet' and she went home with me.  So for almost 2 years, that's the only pick up line I used.  Why?  It's a hell of a lot faster, and cheaper than anything else you could come up with.  I never had to waste time, but......I got a lot of slaps on my face, and I got roughed up by several boyfriends who were not present at the time. *laughter* I learned that you do not just walk up to the bar and instantly do that.  You sit quietly for about a half an hour and figure out which girl is with a man, and you never approach her, or you will get your butt kicked, and I did many times......I got pretty good at getting my butt kicked until I learned how to run away.....little tricks that you use. *laughter*  Now, that's a valid approach to dating for men, and it's a valid approach for some women.  It's refreshing.
WEB ~ It is refreshing, I actually have no problem with that, quite frankly.  It's a more honest twist on the whole waking up the next morning, not knowing who you slept with because you were too drunk.  The end result is the same, but less hypocritical.
JM ~ That's right.


thanks to Sand Willow for the song choice

originally posted 6/10

I've always been intrigued by how easily John McAfee marches to his own drum..... he's even willing to play it for you if you'd like to listen.  Is it a conventional beat? No, not by most standards, but that's not important to him....being true to himself is. He's a non-conformist, something we learned pretty quickly when we started following wim, but many appreciated JM's wild sense of humor, and his ability to shoot straight (however shocking it might first seem), and applauded him.  Did everybody like what he said all the time?  No, and that wasn't a secret, either.......but there were certainly more cheers than jeers.  The fact is, in this world full of bullshitters and fakes, I think having someone admit their beliefs and preferences, and be up front about it is refreshing (however tongue in cheek some of his comments are).  

We also have to keep in mind as we are reading this, just how much JM loves to 'pull our legs', and apparently always has.  Let me explain.  Last week, I had the pleasure of speaking with Richard C., a lifetime friend of John's, and wrote about some of his experiences with the Sky Gypsies.  He and John have enjoyed 'leg pulling' and 'bantering' for years, he said, and proceeded to take me back to a time long ago.  It was a lovely autumn day, he guessed around 1962, as JM was 14-15 years old.  Richard had gone to dinner with John and his mother....who Richard was very fond of he said.  As they walked inside, he noticed the entire front of the Restaurant was a series of large windows.....and JM noticed too.  They sat down and ordered, then suddenly John jumped up and went out to the car.  He took one of those wooden handled automobile ice scrapers out of the car, and began to clean off the windshield.  As Richard and Mrs. McAfee sat and watched him scrape, becoming more animated with each pass over the windshield,  he feverishly attacked a 'stubborn chunk of ice that wouldn't come off'.  Richard was starting to laugh quite a bit at this point, but he continued on.... "by this time, several of the other Restaurant patrons had noticed John, and were looking outside, asking each other if there had been snow".  He was cracking up as he came to the end telling me "John  was so straight faced and convincing, that one man finally got up and went outside to see if it was really snowing".  "And that" he said, re-gaining his composure, "is one of many stories I could tell you about his antics and pranks......he's been doing it since I met him".  Of course, I asked for more, and of course, you guys will have to wait to hear it........  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

~ part 2 ~

WEB So you were telling the young man about romance when we veered off into your straight forward approach to dating at 23...the same age as he is.  
JM ~ Yes, because most people don't have a clue....let me tell you why.  As soon as you begin the dating process you are very carefully observing the partner to see who it is they expect you to be and you become that.  Each of you becomes a projection of the others' what kind of relationship is that?  That's fucked up.  I'd rather go with the straight forward approach.  So I explained this to him, and he said 'I could never do that'.  And I said you actually could, and because he is a large man, I told him he wouldn't likely get his butt kicked like I did if there was an unknown boyfriend.  I told him 'Now, obviously, I don't recommend this for everybody, but I do recommend you try it, just to see what actually happens.'
WEB ~ Well, it's just the law of statistics, really.....sales 101
JM ~ Exactly, the law of statistics, about one in ten, and you could put me in any bar in the world, and find 10 women without boyfriends, and using that approach, at least one of them would go home with me......sometimes it was the first one, though not often, and sometimes it was one in twenty five (in the more uptight bars) but it all evened out.  So if you think men are romantic, they are not.  But they love.  Men do love, trust me.  I have loved, and I do love.  Men are no slouches when it comes to loving.
WEB ~ No they aren't.  And I think men have gotten a hard rap when it comes to love.
JM ~ We have gotten a hard rap.....and I'm not sure why     (me either)
JM ~ I am a loving man, and I know many loving men.  It's unfair for us to take this cold, heartless rap when we don't deserve it.  Maybe we get that rap because we don't have the initial romance in our hearts, and women ultimately discover this and think 'good god man, you're an asshole'.  Because men don't want to do romantic shit like light candles?  Well, actually, I like to light candles because when I look at a naked woman with the light yellow glow on her skin, that's very pleasant to me.  Although, that may be more practicality than romance.
WEB ~ Except if she thinks it's romantic, that's really all that counts.
JM~ That's right, if she says it's romantic, then damn straight, it's romantic, and he better learn how to enjoy it....because if you can't you're screwed.  I can become romantic about anything a woman I am in love with is romantic about.  If Janice said I want you to dress up in like a bunny rabbit, I would do it, and I would figure out how to enjoy it, because she thinks it's romantic.  'Okay, what are we waiting for,  let's get a bunny suit right now, we need to figure out where I can buy one.'  *laughter*
WEB ~ Because the end result is you getting what you want.....the same thing you get if that woman in the bar goes for your straight up request.....only instead of getting it the easy way, you have to work for it, using romance.
JM ~ Absolutely, that is correct.                                            
WEB ~ You know I remember at some point, maybe an interview, you said you didn't believe in love.  Obviously, you've just told me you do...
JM ~ I don't believe in the love that is propagated through the movies, TV, our parents, the church, or I don't believe in that love, I think that's selfishness, and cruelty.  It's the love that wants to put the thing you love in a prison, a prison of your own making where you get to choose how they act and what they do.  Well, Jesus, that's not love.  I don't believe in that love, the generally accepted concept of love,  I believe it's a very destructive thing.   But that doesn't mean that people do not love, I see it..... I get to watch Janice when she is talking to her want to see love on some body's face?  It glows,  the entire freakin' room lights up, you can see it, feel it, it's tangible.  The air is thick with love, so I can tell you for a exists.  I can feel my own heart when I look at Janice....for example, when I came home today, I hadn't seen her for just 24 hours, my heart was overflowing.  So I feel it, I know she feels it, and I know it does exist.  But it's not the kind of love where I want to put Janice in a box and say ' look, when I'm gone I don't want you fucking any guys, I don't want you to leave the house, I don't want you showing your tits, I don't want you talking to anyone'  Jesus Christ, what kind
of life is that?
WEB ~ Alright, so you obviously believe in the freedom of the soul....for everyone, not just yourself.
JM ~ Well, if you're the only one who has freedom, you're also in a jail, because every time you communicate with someone, you've got to go into their jail cell to talk, so you're in a jail too.
WEB ~ You have to know that's more of a refreshing view than a normal view though, right?
JM ~ Yes, people say I'm cynical, and to a certain extent I am, but when I talk, I'm talking the same language that they're talking.  The type of love they're asking me about, I know that's the type of love they feel towards their thing, that they don't want to float away.  They want them in prison, they want them controlled, and they want them behaving the way that they want them to, so no, I really don't believe in that kind of love.
WEB ~ Back to wasn't on your list, but I'm curious what you think about it.
JM ~  I don't think envy is bad, I think it's a good thing
WEB ~ What if someone is envious, and it becomes greed, anger, extortion or other negative actions?
JM ~ That's not envy.  In most cases, these people are very hurt to begin with, and are lashing out.  The only cause of anger is hurt, there is no other.  Think about it, when was the last time you got angry?  Anger is nothing more than suffering crying out for help.  We don't know what's in their heart, how they have been hurt or neglected....  That's not envy, that's great pain.  We just don't know how damaged a person is....shunned by women, abused in prison, neglected, we rarely know these things about people.
WEB ~ And I do see that as a possibility, but what about straight up scum bags?  The ones that think is OK to scam another person.   It's not normal, and I don't understand.
JM ~ But you should understand, because it is's been going on since the beginning of time.  Just think of the young woman, who when asked by her date if she likes action movies replies 'yes', knowing full well she doesn't, but she believes the guy will like her if she does.  As humans we scam everyone all the time, it's part of the nature of life.  The lily uses its stamen to look like a bumble bee to scam the bee into using its energy in the pursuit of sex, but it merely pollinates the flower.  We have a snake, a banded coral look-a-like  who is merely a snake too lazy to develop poison, but decided, damn, I'm going to look like him and everyone will be afraid of me.  It's human nature, we all confuse everything and everyone, it's one of the tools we use to survive.
WEB ~ So it's really just an 'everybody wants something from somebody" world.
JM ~ Exactly....everybody wants something from somebody....and some are often willing to stretch the limits of credibility in order to attain it....I'm sorry, this is just the way it works.  Now, I have no problem with it,  in fact, some of these things are so creative, that I'd rather have deception than the truth, which in many cases is banal and uninteresting.
So, I don't see a problem with any of it.  Because seriously, all it does is it increases the intelligence of the species.  Those that don't catch it, or can't see that they are getting scammed, their genes are less likely to succeeding and propagating.  Those that catch on quickly, managing to keep hold of their cash and keep feeding their children, their genes will survive....this is life.
WEB ~ good to genes will survive.
JM ~ Right, they will....... and that's perfect.  **laughter**
WEB ~ Lots of people have tried to scam something from you they didn't deserve or work for.
JM ~ True.  Well wait a minute, who's to say?  If you get it you deserve it, that's a fact.  I really believe that.
WEB ~ If you're smart enough to get it you deserve it.  Okay, I see that to an extent, but....
JM ~ Just look through history at war and the conquerors,  we admire them.... Alexander the Great,  Eisenhower,  George Washington.... these are people who choose to take rather than to make, right?  'I think I'll go take this shit from everybody else....good, once you've done it you're a hero.  So no, we all do it, and we even admire them if they're on our side.  If they're not, we hate them.  They're devils, and if they're on the other side they're devils and horrible....the Mussolini's, Stalin's, Hitler's... all of them.
WEB ~ And then we become the heroes.....the victors for coming out on top of those people, and not allowing them to bring to fruition whatever evil plan they had.
JM ~ Right, but evil itself is merely defined by the conqueror.  Democracy in many countries is considered the most evil thing in the world.  Because they view it as insane Government.  Government by the masses.....well look at the masses, seriously, look at the masses... scary stuff.  Yet we are forcing this on a world that knows better.  For some people, including me, I'd much rather have an enlightened Dictator, then at least you know what you're going to get.  You don't get a different one every 4 (8) years that comes in and reverses the policies of the one you realize how energy wasting that is? It's amazing we have survived.  And yet, we propagate it as a great good, when in reality most of the world views it as a great evil.  Well what is good and evil?  It's relative to who wins.  You have to write the book you see, if we win, we write history, and we write ourselves in as good.  And those things which we use to make ourselves the winner, we define as good, and those things the enemy uses are definition.  But there is no such thing as good and bad.  There's merely an opinion and a perspective that you chose.  3 guys are sticking their arms through a hole in the wall, and there's an animal on the other side, let's say an elephant.  The first man says 'it's a tree trunk for sure'  The next guy says 'no, bullshit, it's like a huge wall', and the third guy, who reaches in and touches yet another part of the elephant says 'it feels like a weird snake'. They're never going to agree, yet they're talking about the same thing.  Good and evil are merely pieces of truth that are chopped away from the whole, and we define them as we wish.
WEB ~ But what about when only one piece is given....... when we are fed propaganda and bullshit as the truth?  Our definition is then based on lies and misinformation.
JM ~ Of course, but you need to understand that propaganda is a necessity of Democracy.  We are ruled by the masses....think about it, the masses are not prepared... I'm sorry, they are just not prepared to understand the absolute truth of human existence.  Do you think the masses want to hear what I just told you about sex, romance and love?
WEB ~ God no.....but they're going to.
JM ~ But yet it's true, so the only way for Democracy to work is through propaganda, where we lie and tell them we did do what we didn't, and didn't do what we did, otherwise it would fall apart.  Now, if you look at certain Dictatorships, admittedly the Russians used propaganda because they were trying to control things they shouldn't try to control everything around them.  But if you look at other Dictatorships....Mussolini for example, he told the story as it was... "This is the way it is"....alright, cool, we can live with that.  Do you think the Kings of England ruled by propaganda?  Hell no, they ruled by saying ' if you do that, I'll cut your head off '  Instill fear.  Propaganda does not exist in a true Dictatorship, it only exists in a system run by committee, like Russia, like the United States,  like all the countries that are controlled by a system that chooses a leader by allowing the masses to get involved.  Or through a committee,  where all the members of the committee cannot possibly benefit from all the others needs and wants, and so propaganda is the result.  But we don't have to have propaganda if we have Dictator... or if we have a propaganda needed there.  He'll just tell you the way it is, thank-you very much.  So the reason that we're dealing with this is because our system of Government is flawed.  Enormously.
WEB We have to table Government, I have way too many questions I could ask. I'm pretty sickened by Government myself.
JM ~ Well I am too, so we'll save it for another day.  The system is running as it always side gives promises that the masses want to hear.  The masses elect them and throw out the others, they aren't able to fulfill those promises, so the other side makes new promises, and we flip it back and forth.
WEB We definitely have lots to talk about then....or will it be bitch about? Probably bitch.

Thanks John.



  1. Very nice WEB!!

    More insight into John McAfee. I really enjoyed that he was able to draw a distinction between envy and jealousy. I will have to condense it down to an "elevator speech" for when I am trying to explain to people the difference.

    I would elaborate that while greed comes from having an abundance, Jealousy comes from having scarcity. If a woman feels satisfied by the attention/romance/loving/sex that she gets from her partner, there is no reason to be jealous if her partner has more to give. I was married and we honestly did not have jealousy in our relationship until we experienced scarcity.


    1. That's an excellent point, and probably explained as clearly as I have ever seen....thanks.
      Part 2 is equally as informative and thought provoking. Soon..... ツ

  2. If commitment, fidelity and monogamy were easy they would be meaningless. It's not easy but worth it.

    Oh, and, How come the guy gets to make love to his attractive secretary but his wife gets porked by the sweaty yard guy?
    Even in your world John Mcafee, there's still a double standard.

    1. True, those things aren't easy, and they can pay off 10 fold in the long run. But then again, I guess it all depends on what sort of pay off each of us is hoping for.

      I didn't think of it like that at all.....actually, when he said gardener, I immediately thought of the hottie from Desperate Housewives, who is definitely not a gross 'sweaty yard guy'.........although, sweaty's just fine under the right circumstances. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  3. With the exception of one or two lines, I disagree with most everything Mr. McAfee says in the above post.

    It brings to mind the words of Jean-Paul Sartre, "Like all dreamers, I mistook disenchantment for truth."