Monday, April 1, 2013


Some days nothing happens, others a firestorm hits.  Today for some reason, I have been finding stories of generous giving, disastrous possibilities, love & honor, and calls for action against the crime and corruption taking over Belize.  Maybe it will be the young generation of Belize who finally stands up and stops the madness after all.

Enjoy a laugh before you get started.

All these links have recently been put on the appropriate pages, but are important enough to group together and post.  Some of these are several years old, some are new, but most of them haven't been seen here before.  The message of despair is still the same.   Perhaps Iceland, successful in overthrowing their corrupt Government will provide inspiration to Belizeans.

Lova Boy talks to Belize in America. Stop the killing

Tribute to Jasmine Lowe....Lova Boy

Lova Boy thanks Jasmine's family

The youth view on crime

One Woman's Quest to help

Are sports the answer?

Barrow's Bad Deeds

Blue Hole in Danger

And here's what could happen

Responsible Oil drilling msg.


South Beach Belize?

And still it continues today... Fahrenheit Belize

Ashcroft gets his digs in

Iceland overthrowing Gov't part1

Iceland part 2

Iceland does the right thing....defeats Bankers

How to start a Revolution....Iceland style

Back on the lighter side again....

Barrow is a joke

Yep, he sure is

Ok, another one

The Grinch

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