Wednesday, April 24, 2013


***wimawiw followers.........please sign the petition now available here.  So far, the signatures are almost all Canadians.....Let's show some worldwide support for Jeff's family.  THX.

The new website dedicated to finding Justice for Jeffrey (Furgala) got me thinking.  Just how many murders and suspicious deaths have there been in Belize since November 2012,  and how many of them have been solved? How many other foreigners have been victims?  When is the International community going to stop visiting Belize and demand accountability for their shady (at best) actions? .......I say BOYCOTT BELIZE NOW.

I wrote about Jeff when the story first broke.  His brother Chris had come to wim and made a plea to JM for help.  His despair was evident.....losing his brother was devastating, but being stonewalled by the Belizean authorities had added great confusion to this pain.  Why would they not release footage of Jeff in jail?  How could they say they confined him for his own good when unable to produce ID, and then return said ID to the family when they went to Belize?  Why did everything said by the GOB only add to the questions Jeff's family had instead of providing them with answers?  And where is the Government of Canada?  Why have they not demanded answers from Belize, and issued a travel warning effective until satisfactory documentation is provided regarding Jeffrey's death?

Canada, the time has come to get your head out of your ass and help your citizens.  The current Government is being harshly criticized for it's inability to recognize the realities of the World outside it's own borders.  Does that include the complete denial of heinous acts against its Citizens by foreign Countries?  Here is an opportunity to turn things around and prove you still care about Canadians, and their treatment through-out the World.  Mr. Harper, Mr. Baird and Mr. Trudeau, I'm speaking directly to you.

Here are my messages and list of tweet recipients.  If you know of others that should be contacted, please share.  You can help by tweeting them all too.  Furgala Twitter @justice4jeffrey

1.   BOYCOTT Belize until the truth is told about Jeff Furgala's murder.

2.  please read this before you advocate travel to Belize

sent to:

@TheCIC  @HonJohnBaird   @TravelGoC    @DFAIT_MAECI  @ForeignAffairs   @JustinTrudeau

@CBCNews  @MargaretAtwood  @TravelGov   @pmharper   @McGillU  @EmbassyNews

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@HuffPostCanada   @metromorning   @ctvwinnipeg   @nenshi

It's obvious there are a litany of questions surrounding Jeff, and hopefully we can rally together and help the Justice for Jeffrey website find answers for his family.  We did an incredible job for John regarding his wrongfully detained friends.....the total inundation of emails and tweets to the GOB and others most assuredly precipitated their release.  Now it's Jeff's family who needs our strength and support to get the truth about their loved one.......are you in?

And for Jeff's family;  our thoughts and prayers are with you, as is our offer of assistance. Please review the Belize page, where you will find almost 100 stories (since November 2012) of crime and corruption ravaging the country.  Feel free to contact me at any time via the comments (privately), or @WEB  on Twitter if there is anything I can help you with.

**update**   I found this site, (link in Belize section) which is not government run, and speaks more truth than we would ever get from Barrow and company.  Pay special note to the 'Travel Advisory and Personal Safety' section of this article.  Luckily for us, the author of this site has included stories that have been written favorably for travel to Belize, which we can turn into a recipient list for tweets/comments about the truth.  The Government would like you to believe that tourism is up, crime is down, and all is well.  We know better........unless a Groupon Deal indicates business is booming, LOL.  Letting these different publications know the error in their reporting is imperative to the safety of others.

Saddened and surprised, this is the only reply I got to more than 75 tweets.  Shame on you Canada.


I have shared your comment with the officials in charge of our travel advice.



  1. So much is hidden, put aside, covered up, photoshopped, left unsaid on the well produced, beautifully photographed and carefully worded travel brochures.
    Rarely is the traveler warned to stay in the tourist section, avoid the local police, expect little to no help if you find yourself needing medical care or get into a bit of trouble, watch out for the friendly local and never ever veer off the path.
    Travel agencies should be held accountable for leaving out and covering up the truth. Are there no regulations or ethics boards for the travel industry? What is their responsibility?
    Does a travel warning from a government translate to a warning, to the traveler, from the booking agent?
    I wonder how many people actually check the government web site for travel warnings before
    planning a vacation. Mostly I wonder how a warning will help if the warnings are not required by law to be stated in brochures, on web sites and by travel agents.

    1. You know, that's an excellent point about the responsibility of the travel agency. In this litigious world, how is it that they have been left out of the loop of culpable parties? And the cruise lines too. Despite veering away from Belize at the end of last year, a new report indicates they are back. How much warning do they give the passengers disembarking into the unknown?
      For sure I have to expand my list of tweet recipients to include Cruise Lines, and I do tweet to Travel publications, but not agents. Going to check on government regulations, but your point about brochures carrying some sort of warning is insightful, and worth pursuing.

  2. Dear Web

    Thank you so much for speaking about Jeffrey. I am overwhelmed by your support. Finding John Mcafee and asking for his help has given me a new sense of hope that maybe good can prevail over evil in this world. Just a few short months ago I had only heard of blogs and had never imagined participating in one myself. I have much to learn on this journey for the justice of my brother Jeffrey and appreciate everyones help. I thank you and everyone in this community for making a difference and standing up for what you believe in.


    1. Thank you for the kind words Chris, I only hope we can provide some help and support to you and your family. What is going on in Belize is criminal and needs to be stopped. One thing I did think of was getting the International Criminal Court (ICC) involved. Have you contacted them? There is a link to them in the Belize section (Help/Contacts) or you can c&p from here......

      LOL.... I'm new to the blog thing too. When I started following JM back in November a blog was something I knew about, but never participated in. Now, I feel quite at home spilling my thoughts onto the pages, it's just the technical stuff I have to learn. I'm glad you have an outlet for your thoughts too, and am happy to promote your blog from here. Feel free to drop your link anytime, and let us know of new posts or content.

      I'm sure you noticed there has been only one reply from the GOC so far. I am surprised by that, but see it only as a call to tweet again. Is there anyone important missing from the above list of tweet recipients? Let me know.....I will tweet again tomorrow. Be sure to let your friends and family know there's a tweet list here, and using it is probably the easiest way for them to tweet. You can send your email addy in a comment that I won't publish if you want to get in touch with me. We're all glad you're here.

      Good can prevail.......we just have to kick some ass to make it happen. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  3. Hello Chris and Jeff,

    I am so happy to have mention of Jeff here on our Blog. So easily life is taken never to be returned by others. Rarely are others willing to go out on a limb to speak for those who have suffered so dearly. I hope this opportunity speaks volumes in the face of a Government (Belize) that should and will be held accountable for their deplorable actions, held responsible by the people of that country and those of other countries who trusted that the "Government of Belize" would protect them from unthinkable crime (Government Crime). A man who said it well is as follows:

    Thomas Jefferson - "A government afraid of its citizens is a Democracy. Citizens afraid of government is tyranny!"

    Jeff, you will always rest in our mind and heart FOREVER!

  4. The United States has had a travel advisory for Belize at least since November when this adventure began. Sadly, not many people check the website before booking a vacation. I believe the travel agents should have to inform their customers. We have laws protecting home buyers, why not travelers as well?

    I have said it many times and will continue to say it...given the crime rate statistics of Belize, it is not a matter of if, but when, you will be a victim of some crime. The jails are squalid, the police incompetent and corrupt. In the first 2 months of this year there were 21 reported murders, 22 reported sex crimes (which means there was likely at least twice that) and 365 reported theft type crimes. 365? In 2 months? This is in a country of roughly 330,000 people.

    I am not too keen on punishing the people of Belize for the actions of their government, but quite honestly, with odds like that... why would you travek there?

    I'm glad Mr. McAfee was able to help you. I also hope you are able to find some answers and closure. Know that we are here to help you, even if it is just to offer our shoulders.It really is time for an international intervention. How many more people have to die?