Sunday, March 31, 2013

THE TIME HAS COME...........

Murder and McAfee,  McAfee and Murder........that's what brought us to Belize.   And while McAfee is no longer a person of interest, he will remain tied to the death of Greg Faull for the rest of his days.  And sadly, Mr. Faull's family will forever remain (unjustly) frustrated by a system so antiquated and a police force so inept that not many (as we found out later) had any expectation of a resolution from the start.

Images of lifeless bodies, loosely draped in sheets, being loaded into contaminated pick-up beds appeared in the Belize newspapers, both disgusting and shocking us. But not the natives......instead it had them sharing how completely normal this behavior was.  And it, I read of yet another family who almost certainly will never know what happened to their loved one either (read the comment from BAFFLED).   'Shoddy police work' seems like a kind way to describe their actions......or lack of.   It's distressful too, that we've heard nothing from the Faull's, demanding answers (forensics) from the investigation of Greg's murder.  Jeffrey Furgala's family has taken the opposite route, and thankfully are taking legal action for his wrongful death.   The legal news and Jeff's memorial story can be found here.

So now, while Ambergris Caye sits atop the list of 10 Best Dive spots in the world (a prestigious placement that should bring more tourist dollars), I wonder what's being done to combat the rising crime, and ensure the safety of every visitor.  Is it responsible to look only at the beautiful dive spots, and pay no attention to the social environment (of any) of these recommended locations?   No doubt, 'considerations' were given to writers to aid in destination placement decisions, so they've shown no regard for the safety of potential travelers.  Shouldn't someone spending thousands of dollars for a vacation know before they arrive in Paradise that there's a chance this could be their last trip?

Before everyone starts yelling at their screen, I'm fully aware we're ultimately responsible for doing our own research, and being informed before making any decision.   Blaming others for our bad choices is a phenomenon that has been taking over society for years, and needs to disappear.  But what if the information is limited or censored....or denied?    If I hadn't read the articles myself, but had instead listened to several of those commenting on wim, I would 'Belize' it was a gorgeous, peaceful slice of Heaven.....a must on everyone's list.  I would have a false sense of security, brought about primarily by business owners who need the our travel agent Katie who swore Belize was nothing but marvelous.  It is hugely irresponsible to turn a blind eye, or blatantly lie about potential dangers to those whose dollars you covet.

Personally, I'm happy for this 'win' for AC.....and hope you will utilize this increase in business to employ more locals, and help more than just your own economies.  You have a moral responsibility to share the wealth, to ensure that natives who should be owning businesses along side of you (but don't due to government restraints) are part of this win fall.  Instead of moving forward in the same old way, take a new direction....get involved, and give back to the people on whose land you live (well).  Please.  It's clear that lack of education and oppression has taken its toll, and drastic change is needed in Belize to stop the rising crime.   How long before that crime begins to spill into Ambergris Caye?   If you're at all interested in altering the direction that Belize is headed, your input is imperative.   And so I wonder, how can you sleep while your Beds are Burning?

You might want to read this too.  Who will own Belize when Barrow gets through with it?
It seems a huge chunk of your Jewel has already been sold.........



  1. Like most Americans my vacation research was limited to what I could find through a travel agent. Until recently I gave no thought to the view that I wouldn't see from my ocean side hotel room balcony.
    We all have something to learn.

  2. Was just checking out "Shyne" which is Prime Minister Barrows Rapper son. I love one of his lyrics "Monster, Best way to describe my pops!" Had no idea the PM had a "Famous" rapper as a son. not surprised just had no idea till now.

    1. A little more of the story for you David......

      Shyne was in the club with Puffy and J.Lo the night of the 1999 "shooting", and ultimately took the rap as the shooter. They were celebrating him signing to Bad Boy Records.

      Puffy became Diddy, J.Lo split, and Shyne did almost 9 years in an American jail before being expelled from America, as Moses Levi, who is now an orthodox Jew living in Jerusalem.

      but......I do love the lyrics. Might have to work that into a post. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  3. I been listening to all his stuff today. Have to say. He is a bad ass rapper. Might actually have to buy an album. Now that its mentioned I remember the shooting in 99 but never placed him as the PM's son until now. Of course back then Belize didn't mean more to me than a answer on a geography test. Reading some articles I see also that it was one of the PM's Beef with McAfee also that he did not comply with helping the PM get his son out of prison early. Which was one of the things that lead to the whole beef the PM had with the rich gringo. Funny how a shooting in 1999 involving Ditty(which turned on shyne in court no surprise) had a domino effect leading to the events of today. That butterfly is a nasty SOB sometimes isn't he?

  4. SSD here
    Not into Shyne but did take a trip back in time to read the intro Web. Gosh r you really a paralegal? Me thinks you should write a book.
    I would like to request part two of the girls on WIM
    Do I have a snowballs chance?
    Or do I have to wait for the movie?
    As I have stated in the past this whole road trip with JM opened my eyes to a lot and I want more.....
    Give us the second part JM

    1. Oh you're singing our song....we want Part two of Part 2 of the girls, too. A protest won't solve anything, lol......maybe we could all request it together....loud and proud, and some of the regulars who have disappeared will join us in the chant. Besides, you all hold the title of Troll-Slayer now, and that's got to count for something, right?

      ޏ₍ ὸ.ό₎ރ

    2. SSD here
      Not sure if I am a troll-slayer as I am a newbie to blog land. I was pulled into all of this by seeing the news back in November same as most. Can we email on WIM or is that just an empty shell of rereading at this point?

    3. LOL SSD.

      Being a newbie in no way diminishes your ability to be a Troll-Slayer. It's an honorable title, for an honorable battle, and you earned every bit of it. Would you prefer it read 'SSD' ?

      I must admit I'm not following your question about wim (just woke up, lol). Can you pls help a girl out with that?

  5. Sure SSD works...
    I was wondering if anyone is monitoring WIM
    Would love a chad pic and would like to respectfully request an update to the girls part two of two.
    I knocked but did not get an answer.
    A yes I am still kicking from Sam would be cool also

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    1. SSD, wondering if you followed that link and got anywhere? His website shows maintenance mode.


    2. It has been in maintenance mode all day.
      Not surprised slander seems illegal.

    3. Thanks for letting me know. I have the link saved with your comment, so it can be used again if needed. While the blog remains intact (invitation only), and the website is in maintenance mode, the Twitter acct is alive and well, and all related tweets remain. It's hard to imagine that was an oversight. I will be carefully monitoring it's existence, and intend to respond in kind to any continued deviation. Feel free to share anything else you might find still active.

      So what's the plan for wim? Did you have an idea you wanted to share? It's true we don't know about any sort of constraints on JM regarding further information and the movie, but surely an update from Sam &/or Amy wouldn't breech that if it exists. Maybe we should all go ask for them can't hurt. If we're lucky, some of the others will see and follow suit. How can she/they resist with all of us whining? LOL

    4. SSD
      asked for an update, felt like talking out loud after being left locked in an empty room for extended periods of time. (tee hee)
      Oh will WIM ever come back or do we all have to watch the movie
      personally I would rather read the book or the script than go to a movie I am not a movie buff at all
      but go figure I lost my WIM book on public transit just when it was getting good and it was the only copy
      (or at least this is how I feel)

    5. LOL .......You're definitely in the right place, we talk to ourselves all the time. ;-)

      Hopefully, **crosses fingers** we just have to keep ourselves amused for a little while longer ........they did promise that the blog was getting some sort of face lift. Not sure what that means, but it does make sense that they would want to get us excited for the movie release, and resurrecting the blog would be an effective way. For now, I think I will hop over to wim, and ask for a word from the girls.......are you guys comin'?

  7. SSD here

    please tell me what you all think of this story

    1. Excellent find, it has me feeling kinda Kevin Bacon/6 degrees though, with the addition of the McAfee/Guatemala connection. What an incredibly small world we live in.

      I first read about Jody in pando-daily, right after his death. The first installment of Mary O'Hara's 4 part story had just been published and I was checking out the rest of the site when I found him. Not knowing him personally didn't change the sadness I felt for everyone who knew him......suicide is hugely devastating for everyone left behind. It's hard not to feel some guilt that there could have, should have been something you could have done to prevent it. My heart goes out to those who knew and loved him......everything I've read indicates he was a hell of a guy, with great love and compassion for others. Check out what a good friend wrote:

    2. Suicide indeed does hurt the ones left behind as well. They are left wondering....Should I have known...Why...Were there warning Signs....etc.

      A wonderful indie musician I listen to wrote a song about that. A close friend of his committed suicide and he went through the same questioning so he wrote a song about it. Here is the chorus:
      I could walk for miles and miles
      In your shoes
      Read your books, drive your car
      Pay your union dues

      I’m never going to know
      What’s inside your head
      What runs through your mind
      Late at night in your bed
      Feelings that grab you
      Deep in your heart
      What makes you stop
      Why do you start?
      I’m not you

      Read all the lyrics here:
      and listen here: