Thursday, April 18, 2013

MAD WORLD........

It's taken almost 24 hours for me to even look at this page.   Now, 48 hours after some mentally deranged lunatic(s) fractured the memory of The Boston Marathon, and crushed countless lives, putting words down is still rough.  Like so many of you, my heart is broken.....scattered in pieces that have landed in the puddles of tears I'm wading through.
***update 4-19***
No matter how much my logical brain knows it to be true, it's a massive effort to remind myself that there's far more good than bad in this world.  The sheer number of people who ran towards the explosion to help is proof of that......heroic everyday Americans rushing to the aid of their fellow man.  Because they care.

While the loss of life has thankfully remained at an unbelievable 3, it's really no less devastating than hundreds or thousands losing their lives.  The 170+ injured remain in our prayers for a speedy physical recovery, and thanks to the first responders, that remains a distinct possibility. Boston, the State of Mass. and the Federal Gov't should be proud of the organized, efficient and positive manner they carried out such a monumental task, as it truly was impressive.  Their rapid response was well planned, and executed to perfection.  Watching it unfold I couldn't help think about the other countries in the world where in the same scenario, many of those injured would have simply died due to lack of proper and timely medical care.  And then I cried again, knowing the truth in my thought.

We are very blessed to have been born in this part of the World;  although it's likely the double edged sword responsible for overwhelming disbelief and the misery that's trying to engulf my thought process.  For all the horrors we have dealt with, the bombing of public places has not been part of the criminal element here.  There are countries who have had to deal with it for decades, burying countless loved ones, grieving and moving forward, only to have it happen again.  But what does that do to one's psyche?  I certainly understand inner strength, and the resolve to continue on despite the terror being inflicted upon you,  but fear is extremely powerful.  Fear changes people.  The emotional aftermath of this could be far more destructive than the bombing itself for numerous Americans.

None of us will ever forget the abomination of's forever ingrained in our minds; for the sheer horror of the act itself, the victims & their families, and the loss of our innocence.  The Twin Towers were an American symbol of wealth and of many possible US targets for the whack-o's that hate us.  And while we will always remember what happened, our resilience has allowed us to return to daily life, in what is now the 'new normal'.  Dealing with the nightmare of flying since 9-11, extra security measures in places where we previously enjoyed complete freedom, and other changes brought about by that act of terrorism have all been accepted  (however begrudgingly)  for our 'safety'.  These precautions have calmed many Americans into believing we are relatively safe, but personally, nothing that's been done makes me feel any safer.  I don't believe there will be a duplication of 9-11, but instead the terrorists will have a completely new horror in store for us next time.  I think they laugh at us scurrying about, attempting to prevent the success of a repeat they have no intention of exacting.  

So why does Boston feel different?  Worse even?  Certainly the loss of life doesn't even compare to September 11th.  The amount of destruction doesn't compare either.  I can't help but feel that somehow, this attack, regardless of who carried it out, has scarred us far deeper.  A scar that may not ever heal.  The Boston Marathon was a harmless public event.....a family tradition for many, a proud accomplishment for others.   There was no ostentatious display of wealth, no heads of state, no 'reason' for this attack.  There was nothing that could be defined as a target......which defies the twisted logic many of us had used in an attempt to reconcile the pure hate of 9-11.  No, this was just you and me, enjoying another beautiful day and an America tradition.  And now, no matter how hard we try, going anywhere there are people gathered will carry apprehension and fear.  Getting excited about an event will be overshadowed by caution, being near strangers will cause anxiety, and kindness will morph into suspicion.......all as we go about our normal activities.  These emotions and more, usually reserved for travelling, visiting high profile locations, or in the presence of potential targets, will now be a permanent fixture in the thought process of our day to day lives.  There is no twisted logic to rely rationale....however, the author of this Scientific America article disagrees with me.  I hope he is right.

Now, as we are still reeling from the devastation of Boston, news of 3 separate Ricin laced letters has been reported.  The President and two Senators.   How interesting to read on wim that the MSM has contacted JM to get his 'take' on this.  The same MSM that refused to even print the story when John was trying to first inform us.  Hmmmmmm.  We all remember the anthrax letters after 9-11, and this could be a copy cat kind of crime.  It could also be something more.......but the inactivity and lack of concern for John's information (posted 1/3/13) leaves us all wondering.  They have arrested one Kenneth Curtis in Tupelo, MS who is believed to  be the originator of the letters, and hopefully, evidence and any statement from him will clarify the situation (not that I expect 'them' to be forthcoming or truthful with any information they gather).

How many have been killed all over the world since Monday?  How many bombs or other atrocities have been inflicted upon humans by humans?  How many grieving families are crying their own pools of tears?  Why has the world gone mad?  What makes some people capable, willing, obsessed even, with arbitrary murder and mayhem,  and it's (desired) outcome of carnage and devastation?  It's clear I have an immense amount of angst, combined with a limitless supply of questions........

Many times I have asked for comments from the people of the 52+ countries visiting us, and now, more than ever hope you speak out.  By my rough estimate, at least 50% of our visitors live in countries who have had to deal with bombs in the past.....some far too regularly.  Does it change you or the way you go about your normal daily routine?  Is it just certain things that make you more cautious or does the fear stay with you regardless of what you're doing?  Perhaps my apprehensiveness is futile, and serves as nothing more than a catalyst for the fear inside.......or maybe that uncertainty helps keep people alive when surrounded by this particular madness.  Your insights and experiences are not only welcomed, they are coveted....... what you share would be beneficial........and possibly crucial.  Thank you.


Just over 4 days.....102 hours..........AMAZING

 A shit load of law enforcement + one very lucky citizen = Best possible conclusion.
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One bomber is dead, another hospitalized in critical condition.  Citizen is unharmed.

That's all for now.



  1. Excellent post WEB
    I am an American and therefore somewhat shielded from those horrors. I live in California and my town was a primary target during the cold war. We practiced the "duck and cover" should a nuclear bomb get lobbed across the ocean at us.

    We now know that covering our eyes and spinal cord would have been little protection. It changed the way we did things. We were nervous when we would see planes scramble.Fear is an excellent tactic to control the masses and remove some of their civil liberties.

    This ricin scare was a small taste. People now know what ricin is and how easy it is to make. I hope that John stays safe during his days. I do not trust our government or any other government. Too many people mysteriously just die and they mock up some natural cause.

    This is why education is so important. An educated mind is like shining a light in the darkness and seeing what scurries away. Soon they do not have many places to scurry to.

    Please join us over the coming weeks as we develop the contacts and logistics for raising money to buy school uniforms for the children in Belize who so desperately need them. Belize cannot heal itself from the outside4, only from within.
    Thank you and my hearts are also with all the victims of the Boston bombins and the new recent Texas fertilizer plant explosion.

    1. Thanks for the props SL, and for sharing your memories.
      Being from a country that isn't regarded in the same way as the United States combined with a bit of an age gap makes my experiences much different than yours. I have no recollection of ever being in fear of any type of attack as a child, and only as I got older did I realize that was a luxury not shared by my American friends. I think partially, I am overwhelmed by the thought of my child having to live in a world where terrorism is a constant possibility. Like everyone else, I will have to learn how to deal with these powerful emotions.

      There is good news on the uniform front. We are still working out the details, but it looks like we may be able to partner with a group that has 24 kids lined up to be sponsored with full assistance. We would take on the uniform portion of that sponsorship, and have a couple of other ideas to go along with it. Finding a way to implement your idea of a mentoring program is on our list too. A new page will be made to cover all the details and ways people can help. Look for it coming soon.

      Peace ☮

    2. I can design the mentoring program.
      We need to hammer pout the details. The obvious thing is computers but children need mentoring in outher skills too. Not every one aspires to be a geeky like me ;)

      I'll work on something that we can put together on the web to match people together and keep track of progress etc. Our Belize extracurricular application.

  2. It doesn't seem there is any way to protect our families against people that will justify and do anything to be heard.

  3. Hello, I'm just here for the Tears for Fears Woot Woot!!

  4. You know...There seems to be allot of people who want to rule the world....may be a good post topic =)

    1. ....or do you just want me to post that video? lol