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I sit here and wonder, how can something so new and uncharted feel so normal to me?  Blogs are things other people do, I just read them.  I'd never even commented on one....... ever, but that all changed one day in November.  Not the day whoismcafee started, oh no, it took weeks before I made my first comment there, although I'm not sure why.
**updates added**

Intimidation?  Maybe, there were some 'regulars' almost immediately....people who knew JM certainly, but also unknown people who had something to say, and said it often.  What if one of them jumped my shit for what I said?   But.....there were  others too.  Haters, usually only showing up once or twice (see: [TROLL] for exception), and tons of well wishers, who just wanted to see John & Sam escape to safety.  Names came and went, and the comments were never ending....So?
Uncertainty?  Well yeah, it was always a crap shoot when you turned on the computer...... what was going to happen today?  Would they get caught?  How crazy would the comments be ? Did I really want to get involved?  Would there even be a whoismcafee today?  Eeek !
Nervousness?  What if I said something stupid, and then couldn't take it back and I felt like an idiot and John never answered me and.............ok WEB, what if?
After laughing at myself for a while I decided to go for it.

Early on I got used to researching just about everything I could.  If JM said it, I wanted to find some back up.  Had to...... because what the hell was wrong with the media?  Why did they keep puking up the same story?  Couldn't one of them have lifted up a rock, or looked behind the curtain....just a peek?  It was so apparent to me that something more was going on the day JM's AC compound was raided, and despite being on the run,  he told us about it first.   Lots of skeptics.....'he was lying'.....'no newspaper report'....'GSU denies it'.......but then someone on the blog posted that they had heard the sirens and vehicles.  And with some digging, I found one of the papers was reporting the truth, that the property had in fact been raided, and that while it wasn't the GSU, it was another government agency,  the BDF ~ a branch of the Belize Special Assignment Group(BSAG), which is a branch of the Belize Police.  whew.    Ummmm, okay.  What a crock of shit.  Why no one in the media looked at that and thought  " that's odd, wonder if there's something to this?"  is beyond me.  But digging for the truth doesn't generate revenue like blind sensationalism does.  So we did what the media was supposed to, we dug to find the truth.   And the truth is, along the way, several of us got very wrapped up in this story, and for a while, so did people from all over the world.

So now, when I look at the data from this blog (that I'm still amazed at), I see people all over the world are coming here, to see what might be exposed, or revealed.  Is there breaking news?  A new post....what's the music?   Do we know something about John McAfee that you don't?  Is there another crazy comment exchange with the TROLL?   I am WEB, but am I really JM? ( would have explained his absence at wim, if he hadn't
What ever it is that brings you here, Welcome.  Join in whenever you have something to add, nobody bites. :)  The translator on the top is there to encourage everyone's participation, no matter where you're from.  We can still talk to each other, and quite frankly, I want to hear what you have to say.  Is corruption rampant in the country you live in?  Do your leaders blatantly steal from your Belize taking control of the media and reaping its spoils?  How important is education to your leaders?  Is it affordable?   Do girls get the same education as boys?  And what about John McAfee?   Do you have any questions about the whole JM saga?.....we have a few experts.  ;-)  (haters please go to the Troll's blog) ......Or would you just like to say hi and represent your country?  It's all good.

In case you're wondering, these are the countries popping in to visit,  < to > :  Japan, Pakistan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Bolivia, Germany, Australia, Switzerland, Belize, UK, France, Mexico, Canada, and the USA.  WoW.   That is so cool.  Although, I did learn from SL tonight that some may not necessarily be from the countries they claim.  Sheesh.....I really am flying by the seat of my pants, learning as I go.   But it's a good ride, one that started almost 4 months ago in beautiful scary Belize, and has continued on as this blog that we're counting on to make a difference,  with all of you watching.  Hello.

What I'm trying to say is,  People all over the World, Join in...... ❤  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

**Update**  add Sweden, Netherlands, and South Africa to the list... wooo hooo
**Update**  Philippines, and Russia
**Update**  South Korea, Brazil, India, Guatemala, Vietnam, Columbia, Italy, Costa Rica,
............................New Zealand
**Update**  Romania, China, Belgium, Poland, Jamaica, Denmark, Singapore
**Update**  Thailand, Peru, Hong Kong, Chile, Bahamas, Hungary, Egypt, U.A.E., Spain


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  1. Yeah allot of people are not from where they claim. And to track them allot of times leads to a server in Germany. I believe the servers running this blogger is a server in Germany as a matter of fact.
    I completley understand you saying you was unsure if you should post because of the thought of saying something stupid and not being able to take it back. I have done it a few times and made a fool of myself. But I'm not trying to hide who I am. If I say something stupid then I said something stupid. Shoot, I was even trying to rename JM when the game was about renaming the troll lol. Can't take that back. That lack of attention to detail is still there on Channel 4 post LOL. But oh well. We all who we are. "All we need to do, Is make sure we keep talking"

    1. is a Google property. They have data servers all over the world. It appears as though is in Texas, which is not surprising since there are massive data centers located there.

      Google is highly secretive about their data servers though so it would be difficult to say exactly where your data actually resides. Usually they will locate American data in America, European data in Europe, etc. This is largely for speed. It does actually take a little longer for data to hop continents. You can experience latency and packet drops too.

      What I was referring to was proxy servers. Many people will cruise the net using a proxy. I remember back in the day when we would freak out at someone being able to see our IP address. Back then they were mostly dynamic, but you can approximate a geo location with an IP address.

    2. I have traces the ip address of this blog and WIM and the location changes. sometimes will will say United states and sometimes Germany. Right now its stating mountain view California for server location. Must be all in their method to protect server location. I have used proxy servers many times. Usually when I want to visit web sites accross seas some of which are banned in the united states like isohunt and such. And yeah you can choose whatever location you would like to be coming from and its pretty slick. Using a VPN server account is better as proxy servers make things a bit too slow and unpredictable. But yo ucan also choose a location and your entire internet usage is pathed through this server not just your browser. Not sure about iphones but I know with androids there is options to input your vpn information and even your mobile internet is pathed through this server protecting your geoloaction. It helps greatly when travelling and need to send an email without giving away your location. I have had to use it quite a few times in my line of work as I needed to stay in contact with competitors but my location would give away my my business intentions and put them on the trail to what I am working on making them a threat to the deal. So I liked confusing them by saying we have secured a big claim here and when they try to track my geolocation I am showing up waaay off location. After figuring out of competitors were using the the geolocation to track us as step on our toes this became a fun game. Knowing they are thinking "What they hell are they getting in japan?? LOL

  2. Thank you David, your candor and honesty can only help newbies to know that we are all the same. It is a little overwhelming that first time you hit the 'publish' button. We all say stupid shit at one point or another. One nice thing about this blog though, compared to wim, is the availability to delete if you just can't stand what you wrote. Clean it up, make it what you want, and re-post. Voila.

    So, anyone wanna take a shot? Say こんにちは from Japan, or guter Tag from Germany, bonjour from France, buenos dias from Mexico, or Hello from where ever you are?

  3. Bored, where is everyone at? Don't tell me you guys have a life and are out on a Saturday night..Gonna make me jealous.

    1. I have a first life and a second life (google it ;-) ) and I am still at my computer on a Saturday night!

    2. Is that anything like a shelf life? LOL

    3. I used to play Second Life. Great getaway...SL=Second Life?....That gives me a great idea! follow me?

  4. Where has Joshua David been these days. Looking at wired You see his last post was long ago. Is he busy working with Warner Bros on their version? Or maybe there has been back to back star wars and comic book conventions keeping him busy. And also was wired given rights to do this or do they even need rights? I know this was talked about long ago Its just been a while and its become vague. Reading about the Warner bros it says they obtained the "rights" from Wired to make the movie. Does this right to the story cause any possible problems with Impact future media who john is working with now? I'm not too thrilled about Warner bros making a movie based on wired magazines take. From the interviews Joshua Davis Sounds like a scared little dorky tool.

  5. On the Internet no one knows if you are a dog... (for anyone who doesn't get that, google it)

    I was there at the beginning. The blog went through some changes in the early days. Poor Chad was swept up into the insanity without warning. He was living his life which did not include being a full time blog administrator and media coordinator. Despite this, he did an amazing job. There were hiccups. And oh boy howdy were there haters.

    In my office I gave daily updates on what was happening with John. I scoured the Internet for anything I could find. The media was feeding off of each other and interviewing each other. Josh Davis got his 15 minutes via the talk show circuit. Jeff Wise even scored a spot on the NPR show, "On The Media". It was quite a ride which mostly ended in Miami.

    Josh Davis lost his access. John played that hand well. Jeff Wise stepped away from the story after his accusation that John was a suspect. Other reporters have been blogging on Gizmodo about John. So much so that he has his own section now.

    Wired Magazine did the eBook. Then quietly just published it with a few new pictures at the end of the year as an article. Warner Bros. bought the rights to the eBook story. Thats all. An option to do a movie based on a small snapshot of John's life as seen through the eyes of Josh Davis. At this point, I doubt the movie will be made. There was barely enough material there for an ebook, let alone a full movie and the story is fully out of the news cycle now. And yes, anyone can write a book or story or movie about anyone else. The only official one will be the one sourced by John, himself.

    It has been quite a ride. I sat down to write my own blog about the saga many times. I have been on the internet for a long time. I have participated in many blogs and online communities. I remember every wave of new people that would come and post after some news story or one of the podcast interviews happened. So many people who would show up not knowing any of the back story and spewing nonsense. We were good commenters, most of us anyway, and tried to help them through it with being too snarky. Many times I wanted to just post... Do your damn homework then come back and post.

    So WEB, you should not have been intimidated. On the internet there will always be people who troll, and hate and snark. That is who they are. Luckily, usually they get bored and go away.

  6. Personally I don't see why a sane person would try to have a movie or documentary made about this mess. You can't just rewrite history because what is done is done.

    How does Hollywood tell a story about a living man who is not in prison and eliminate the key players? They can't. John, Allison, teen prostitutes, dope, murder, Greg Faull are all part of the story. Without all of the key players there is no story.

    A self documentary? Who cares? What do you discuss? Your sad childhood? An antivirus story? People believe the antivirus ruse was another dishonest saga. What's that leave the writers with? Nothing that anyone is interested in.

    Lets face the facts - Imagine Future Media and Warner Bros. bought rights to stories because they thought John was guilty and would end up in Prison.

    1. Would you like to discuss your childhood Dean? I know you must have trauma in your life, otherwise you wouldn't feel so compelled to take shots at JM for moral reasons. We all know he didn't kill anyone, but it's his behavior that has a burr in your saddle. Do you think it would be helpful to discuss with others the horrors you lived through?
      You're not alone. We've all had our own individual terrors to deal with, none of them having anything to do with this blog or its reasons for existence
      We're listening. I really think you'll feel better.....

    2. This all seems so very personal to you. Your blog is a carbon copy of whoismcafee only repeated incessantly.

      John's childhood and relationship with his father did not help form the person he has become? MDPV did not alter his personality? His desire to be with pubescent teens was something that just suddenly manifested itself?

      I am not victimizing John. John victimized himself and many others along the way. I just stay focused on what I believe to be the truth. The more I have investigated the more factual I find the media accounts.

    3. As I stated above, the Joshua Davis snapshot does not really have enough of a story for a movie. Since John is innocent until proven guilty, and let me be very clear... I personally do not believe he is guilty, what would be the draw? They could possibly use the material for a fictional piece based on the eBook, but IMHO it would be irresponsible of them to then name it anything resembling John McAfee.

      As to what you call a documentary, the official story will be a film, not a documentary. And they are partnering with John McAfee to tell the real story. ;) Well as real as it will ever be told that is.

      Not all of the women in John's life were prostitutes. I have seen no evidence that any of them were. Evidence, meaning not hearsay, or conjecture, but evidence that would stand up in a court. John McAfee may be considered a public person given the current media storm that surrounded him, however, Allison Adonzio is most certainly not. She is a professional person with something to lose if anyone were to make unsubstantiated accusations against her. I would think that Warner Bros. floated the idea, bought the rights, and now it's in the hands of the lawyers and focus groups to see if it will be economically and legally viable to actually move forward.

      I have been saying your anger, Justin, was Transference. After having a conversation over the weekend I realize I used the incorrect term. I apologize for that. What you display is Projection. I imagine that you not only experienced some trauma in your life that was triggered somehow by the current saga playing out but also that generally your early life was not easy. While society has evolved, it still has a ways before "it gets better".

    4. You really should quit pretending to be my psychiatrist. You have no idea about my childhood. Nor are you qualified to categorize my life in any fashion.

      There are no in depth investigative reporting about my life - There is plenty published about John McAfee. I have been writing about my personal experiences with John McAfee - Not my childhood.

      I have received about 25 emails from him since this began and that has helped form my personal opinion of him.

      What seems sad to me is that you seem so eager to point fingers at me and make me the focus of your conversations. It has McAfee written all over it. I'm not the guy with a dead neighbor, teen prostitutes and every news agency on the planet singing in unison. John does.

      I wont stay anonymous forever - I am working on an article explaining who and why I am who I am. I have nothing to be ashamed of or afraid of. It was never my reason for being anonymous - my reason was for personal safety.

    5. Not pretending to be your psychiatrist. I do not hold a degree in psychology.

      I am simply responding to your rabid desire to persecute John McAfee. I have no vested interest or emotional attachment to you. I find you amusing actually. The way you cherry pick your information and twist it to match your version of reality is interesting.

      I'm not quite sure what your end game is though, do you?

  7. Justin, Are your investigations mainly that of what the media his written? You know not to believe everything in the media. As you stated the media often struggles to have a full story and wishes certain things. Like john being dead or in prison. They will try to juice the info up as much as they can to make it more desirable. I don't know if they really think John is guilty and hope he ends up in prison rather than that they just don't know and hope he is guilty and ends up in prison. You just simply cannot trust the media. But lets assume the evidence they have talked about in john through the media is real. The evidence would show John as a a possible suspect. Yes he is a bit off his rocker, Loves young women(majority of men if they want to admit it or not desire young 17-22 year old women) loves to jack with peoples heads, and many other things that make john someone that most people would not want as a neighbor. But this does not automatically mean he killed someone. Most people think he is guilty because why would an innocent person run? You need to look at the big picture. He had already been a victim to corruption of the GSU and had been monitoring them and digging info on a allot of people in order to get revenge for the earlier raid on his house. Put yourself in his shoes up to that point. If you was challenging the belize(pirate nation) authority and feel you can be caught any minute spying on them and then all of a sudden they show up at the door AGAIN...your not just going to stay there. You will be in fear for you life. Until you are put in the situation where someone of power is out to get you you cannot fully understand. I spent years of my life in prison(over something I DID do) but in the process I have seen how corrupt EVERYONE is from the judges to the CO's in the prison. The system is corrupt to the bone. And you say you don't see why a sane person would want to make a movie about all of this. He used to have millions and millions and now he has gotten close to loosing everything. A movie will bring in some good cash. Can't blame him. He is taking a jacked up situation and making it work for him. People need to remember that john is a victim by the same person who killed Faull. Justice needs to be served for the Victim Greg Faull as well as the Victim John McAfee.

    1. Hey David,
      I know it's impolite, not exactly good Internet etiquette to pick at a sentence when there's a paragraph.
      you said, " Yes he is a bit off his rocker, Loves young women(majority of men if they want to admit it or not desire young 17-22 year old women.)"

      I disagree, men desire women near their own age. Boys young and old are completely different subject.

    2. oh boy, he's at it again.....

      Here is the comment that Dean aka Justin deleted (from just below). SMH

      Justin Blanchard has left a new comment on your post "PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD.....":

      This blog seeks to diffuse the critical observers at whoismcafee. Apparently has that really good Charles Manson effect on his followers.

      This will never end as long as long as I have air in my lungs. I will always be here and so will my site - pointing at every credible news report available.

      Posted by Justin Blanchard to WHERE IS MCAFEE AND WHO IS WEB? at March 10, 2013 at 5:57 PM

    3. Hey Capt., you post something and then delete it. WHY?

      I don't think that's true. I compared a harem, JM style, with a Colorado City polygamist and WEB turned it into a post.

      I'm done looking at the choices and mistakes JM made. I've started looking at my own, and I'm thrilled there's been
      no camera or microphone to catch them for others to dissect.
      I do fell empathy toward JM about that. The truth about his life and what he's done is his not yours. You don't know the truth, you may have stumbled on a few facts but you don't know and neither do I.

      Unless it's my day to be John Mcafee. :)

      You need to stop this Captian you're losing, don't you know Peter Pan always wins?

      Tick tick tick

  8. Some people would be insulted by you saying this blog is a carbon copy of wim. I remember the source.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Actually Dean, it's simple......we have a different path we follow. That's why you have your own blog.....oh, but you do spend an awful lot of time here, don't you? Nobody visiting your blog? Sorry. Maybe you should stop lying. That might increase your following.
      I'm new to this, so can't really offer too many suggestions that have data to back them up, but common sense tells me that people only want to hear so much ranting and raving before it gets old. Also there's that truth thing you have trouble with. Oh well, good luck.

      hmmmmmm....a credible news source? Like the article you have up on your blog claiming the GSU didn't raid JM's property in November, after he had left? Yep, that's your proof Dean. That's what you feed to people. You must think they're stupid. That very paper printed an update, retracting the GSU denial, and stating that another branch of the police had done the raid, John's initial report was correct. Every other local paper reported that too. But you continue to leave up as proof that John lied about the raid, the one paper that listened to the GSU's bullshit instead of doing their homework first. Tsk tsk Dean.
      One can only surmise that the rest of the garbage you present as truth mimics that same reality.
      I guess you don't believe in a higher power or heaven?
      Good luck with that too.

  9. Justin are you sure you don't want some kool-aid?

  10. Ok John - I won't comment here anymore.
    You can continue to talk to yourself.

    1. Don't run away now. I just showed everyone an example of your "truth".....or did you remove the article already? ;) Not sure why you do that.....what purpose does it serve to say something outrageous and then remove comments? IDK...

      Anyway, you're more than welcome to comment here, just stay within our parameters. We aren't interested in hateful comments. Disagree if you want, we have several experts that can answer your questions, but we aren't here to play morality police on anyone. If we were, I would have long since shared all the things I've learned about you. People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, Dean. There are actually a lot of things they shouldn't do, right?. But I digress.

      I asked once if you would like to donate a couple of your 12 computers to our mentoring program. We may be taking a break, playing with you, but we have to get back to work, and there is a need for computers. Yes, maybe, No? LOL. It's okay, I already know your need all 12 to keep up to date on John. No problem.

      See you on the flip side ;)

    2. Which one(s) of us are John?

      All of the so-called research you have done is all just stuff you have ganked from other sources and then cherry picked, twisted and regurgitated to match your version of reality.

      Well I reject your reality and substitute my own. There now wasn't that easy?

      On a more serious note... 12 computers? Really? I can keep up on all the news about John on my ipod touch LOL News Flash! More computing power doesn't make you smarter, nor does it make your lies more truthful.

  11. Ok, in keeping with the People all over the World theme ( but having nothing to do with JM),
    this video is soooooo cool...
    Enjoy....sorry you still have to c&p the links in comments, but it's well worth it.

    1. and in typical fashion......a rebuttal of sorts...LOL