Wednesday, June 26, 2013

JM DOES CAVUTO.............

Catch John today with Neil Cavuto on Fox. 

JM opened, and talked with Neil for the first half of the show.  He looked and sounded great, spot on as they say.  I especially liked the quick reply when NC asked how much he was worth.... " well, how much are you worth, sir? "  Bazinga...  lol.  I actually like Neil Cavuto, think he's a pretty decent guy with a non-fox like style ~ and an actual sense of humor, that worked well with John's.  I certainly appreciated that he took the time to touch on a variety of subjects, and that he didn't try to rush or interrupt JM's answers.  Kudos NC.  It must have been refreshing for John too, to be able to finish a sentence.  ;)

The entire interview is at whoismcafee , and certainly worth watching.