Sunday, May 12, 2013


6 months ago the only McAfee in my world was the AV 'stuff' protecting my computers, (doing a fine job btw).  Sure, I knew he was a real person, but thoughts of 'him' weren't a regular occurrence......hell, I barely gave the program any thought, never mind the man.   Little did I know, a few days later,  how much the TV, running in the background of my normal life, would impact me and my world with such an unprecedented, intense, often mind-blowing journey.  It was a list of firsts......a hair-raising cat and mouse chase playing out live on our computers, a Master of Marketing playing the MSM right under their noses, and blogging from detention - whether as John or Harold - all generated by McAfee ingenuity......the name we knew, the man we didn't..........yet. A wild trip indeed, and I didn't even have to pack.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Recently I read a question and answer with JM, and yes, I was bummed that most of us hadn't known about it......although I'm sure someone would have called 'staged' if they recognized the names of those posing the questions.  But I think what stands out (now that I've picked up my bottom lip), is John saying he is happy....that despite having his life turned upside down, all the changes he's had to adapt to, and all the shitty things that have been said about him,  he's happy. That makes me happy too.  Here is the question posed by one reader, and JM's answer:

Q~ If you had to relive the whole debacle, what would you do differently the second time around?

McAfee~ Absolutely nothing.  Everything that has happened has brought me to this present moment - and not a bad moment at all.  You may view my life as chaotic, tragic, comical, whatever.  From where I sit, it's a great adventure and an unending mystery.  I have no complaints.

That, ladies and gentlemen is a great example of John McAfee's uncanny ability to make lemonade.......with or without lemons.  So often we forget to 'see the forest for the trees', and understandably so where JM's escape is concerned.  But despite all the obstacles in the way,  he managed (with help) to stir up a frenzy and succeed at the end game....he got out of Belize alive, intact, and able to continue his life.  We all know it wasn't easy......just following along online was nerve racking at times.....imagine being engulfed by that drama, actually living it.....(for a time, in the jungle).  Yes, I said jungle.....complete with bugs, snakes, critters, screeching nasties, and mosquitoes, damned horrible mosquitoes.  Then, it was take a boat here, a car here, stop and hide here.  Move, meet the reporter (who went through a maze to get there), move again, blog, answer some questions, itch, re-charge.  Repeat until free.  *whew*   Lemonade anyone?

Flash forward, and today finds JM busy with multiple endeavors, like the above Q&A, a novel, a biography, a movie, and more, like this USA Today interview, found today on wim...... it still amazes me how much energy he has.  Will there be a rush to be the first project finished, or is there a specific timetable?  I don't know (but wish I did).  How is Sam? No word for so long.....we need a really good update.  Is Amy with her? (I have sent her Tweets with the new posts......sadly no reply).  And how is Chad?  How is the graphic novel coming? Would he like to share a preview? *wink,wink*  Where does John spend most of his time now? Do he and Chad get much time together?  Is it all go-go-go with plane trips and meetings all over the world, or is there some relaxation thrown in for good measure?  Is relaxing even on his radar?  (LOL.......Somehow I think not).  And I could go on and on.

So as we approach the 6 month mark of an event that forever impacted John McAfee, but also changed many of us, I would like to ask the key players (JM, CE, SV, AE) to take a minute and say hello here to the wimawiw blog followers.  Share what's new, let us know how things are....... say 'hey, how's it going'?  Whatever you want.  It's just been such a long time........

**Nice to see we aren't the only ones who know John didn't murder anyone.  Finally.
I usually don't write about the music, but there were so many songs that came to mind for this post.  I had actually picked out '6 months in a leaky boat'  by Split Enz, thinking it held the perfect message of survival and perseverance. Even after reading his comments, I concluded John was busy charting the course while we were busy bailing.  But then, taking a cue from JM and his positive attitude, I decided to keep thinking.  Of course we'd been "truckin'" on this "long strange trip", but those didn't cut it.  It wasn't The Pretenders, Clash, Beatles or New Order either.  Searching for the perfect song to say "hey, wow, you took us on a crazy ride, but you're ok now, and we're really glad.....keep on goin' " , wasn't so easy.......try finding those lyrics, lol.  As it turns out, what I ended up with came as the result of a distant memory, from a different time, in a place far, far away.  When I was much younger,  a boy who was infatuated, dedicated a song to me......via cassette tape.  That might not have been so bad....... if it hadn't debuted in the middle of a party.  EEEK   LOL   Anyway, when I first thought of it,  'You are like a Hurricane'  seemed to fit JM in multiple ways......but upon listening again, I noticed too many discrepancies (for one, his eyes aren't brown), so my mind kept searching.   Neil was already in my head so it took no time to find this.......Long may you Run..........and with a completely different meaning than the "run" being used 6 months ago, it was perfect........funny how things work, isn't it?

John, this is for you,



  1. Interview with John in today's USA Today

    No mention of Sam, but comments about another live-in girlfriend"Janice Dyson, one of several women he's seeing."

    As is typicalf a lotof reporters, he does not pick up on some blaring inconsistencies. He mentions John's fortune was down to $4million but then reports that he left $5 million worth of properties and investments in Belize.

    Overall, a pretty shallow article.

    1. Hi Adriana, and welcome,

      It's always been a mystery to see how many ways the same event can be viewed by different people. Maybe I'm just starved for 'new' McAfee news, but I enjoyed the article, and feel like we were given an update. I would have liked some information on Sam too.

      As far as the media, I think I've started to overlook the inconsistencies in any story as nothing more than an MSM snafu.......either that or John is capable of making them forget what they just wrote. LOL

      btw.......Does anyone else see the resemblance between Janice and Nicky? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    2. My house is worth more than I have actually paid for it.
      Also my house is worth more than the original asking price.

      Is it that difficult to imagine that someone who had 4 million in liquid assets could have property and investments worth more than that?

      It happens all the time. It sucks because that means you are under water. As for the rest of the article, it was pretty shallow considering he said he spent 4 hours with JM. It is actually quite possible that some of what JM said he asked them not to print. Maybe to save for a later date.

  2. Hey WEB, love the music selection. I thought I had have every CSN&Y group and solo song on vinyl CD and ITunes, but somehow I missed this one.

  3. Thanks Sand......huge fan too. Between 'Hurricane' and him being a Cannuck, Neil has long held a special place in my brains 'music-land', and LMYR was an instant's such a positive message of love and support. Even years later, when I learned NY had apparently written the song about his car, it didn't change my view about it's meaning, (although I did wonder if he'd abandoned that car in Blind River, and if someone had since retrieved it LOL).

  4. I noticed the resemblance too and went looking for the ex sister in law's picture. It definitely is not her. But...if you do a Google image search for Janice Dyson this one comes up that looks a lot like the USA Today picture:

    1. Janice was forced into prostitution at the age of 20 by a pimp called Suave. Suave, who works both in Miami and in Northern California, and whose real name is Del Kamani, used force, cruelty and fear to control Janice for 10 years. Janice was beaten mercilessly and continuously and suffered broken bones, fractured jaw, and numerous other injuries too numerous to count. She was jolted by a stun gun to the point that she passed out, and once he punched so hard that it knocked her teeth through her upper lip. She was told that if she ever tried to leave he would kill her. I took Janice out of that environment and explained the facts of life to her pimp. She has been with me since December of last year. I have known Janice for 5 years.

      Janice had three children while working for Suave. The children were placed with Janice's parents and Suave would not allow Janice to see them. She now lives for her children and is the most adoring mother I have seen.

      John McAfee

    2. @nlaqatta In a polite society we do not comment on things unless they require fact checking for clarity. At no time in the article or in the past has John offered up any details about who we used to call "mystery woman".
      She is in the forefront now, with her name out there, because maybe she feels safe enough now to not hide in the shadows. This is a good thing. John has provided an environment for her where she can feel safe and start to heal and grow.
      We don't normally resort to tabloid style gossip here.We all have google and can use it quite well. Just because you know something doesn't mean you have to share it Whether it was mentioned or not, Janice's name and picture is out there and we will embrace her as part of this wacky band we call family.

      Janice you are welcome here. Pull up a keyboard and feel free to write whatever you wish. Our main focus here is to acquire uniforms for the children of Belize so they can go to school, get educated and make their country better. We started this out of our following John and realizing the plight of these women. The only options left for them is prostitution or menial jobs in the tourist spots.
      Lets be very clear. I do not think of prostitution as a crime in the same way others do. When you are forced into it, then the crime is the forcing you in and the pimp should face charges. I could go on and on about this. As in any profession you have bad people. I have found most prostitutes to be pleasant.
      To the prudes... If there was not a demand there would not be a supply.

      Happy Mother's Day Janice. You look like you are happy. Who wouldn't be, John is a very charming, charismatic, southern gentleman. He will encourage the best of you enabling you to fly as high as your wings of freedom take you If some callous people looking intoast was. igmore them...the past is past we are living today to make wonderful!

    3. The full name of Suave, the pimp, is Delmariea Kamani Crutchfield.