Sunday, August 24, 2014


So where was I?  Oh yeah.... in front of the hotel.  After the photos, we headed inside, and sat down for a much needed beverage while we were being checked-in.  It was a short rest.  To the rooms.  Let's go.  I learned pretty quickly that my normal MO of getting all my shit together before I moved was going to be rearranged with this group.  Hey Ho Let's Go. More than once I was bringing up the rear, having to say my good-byes, or grab all my stuff without what I deemed 'proper notice'.  LMFAO

After a day of travel, it was nice to just chill, get some take out, and prepare for everything to come.  We hung out together for a while, and then said good-night to those in other rooms.  I was sharing with Molly - one of JM's security - and we spent the next hour just gabbing away. She's great.....another wild child much like myself.  At one point, I almost fell off the bed when, in an unnaturally timid voice she asked "so, are you really gay?"  I was laughing so hard, it was difficult to respond.  John had already told me (through his laughter) that he had told her I was. What a bugger, I thought he was pulling my leg.

The next day we had a lovely breakfast at the hotel, amid the growing number of Bsides (@BsidesLV) attendees.  They were everywhere.  Wanting to keep a low profile, we headed back to the rooms to figure out what was next.  What was actually next was a move to another hotel.  A big pow-wow had gone on with different security people - I wasn't there - and the decision was made.  All I had to do was get my shit together.  Hey Ho Let's Go.  I did, and we switched to an opulent, huge, fun filled location.  That night, John, Janice, one huge security guy, and I went to see "Rock of Ages" at the Venetian.  What a blast!  They handed out little plastic 'lighters' - a cool looking thing with LED light - so that just like at a rock concert you could wave them in the air.  When the show was over, our 6'8" security guy took a picture with the 4'11" usher who had come over to us mid show, to tell JM he had to use the provided fake lighter, not a real one.  LOL

You know, finally meeting the people you like and talk to online is a crap shoot.  Are they really like that, or have they been blowing smoke up your ass?  No crap shoot this time....let me assure you, @EddietheYeti is everything he looks like, and more. Unbelievably talented, fun, knowledgeable, and so sweet.  He and Chris @sidragon1 (another sweetheart) were waiting for us when we arrived at the conference.  We were quickly ushered to a private suite, where introductions and chatter ensued.  An amazing group of people, ready and willing to help.......and so fucking cool....I can't say I met anyone who wasn't. We moved as a group.
Hey Ho Let's Go.  Private entrances, back halls, staging areas.  All handled like a well oiled machine. John's keynote was great.  There were people wall to wall (they had moved it to a bigger room thank goodness), and sitting or standing, they were captivated.  He opened the floor up to questions, and I was almost overwhelmed to see what an engaging time he had with the crowd.  After more than a year of talking on the phone, watching his interviews and hearing all about them, I finally witnessed it myself.  I wasn't the least bit disappointed.  And for the record, my favorite question near the end of this long day was "would you join us for waffles and bacon when this is over?"  LOL

We did, and it proved to be a fantastic decision.  We entered the building at the end farthest from the elevator, and so, 10-12 of us moved down the hall like a swarm. There were two women standing outside the glass doors, waving furiously at us. No key.  Their faces changed from smiles to frowns when they realized no one was opening the door immediately.  A group of us got on the elevator with JM & Janice, and headed up.  The group still downstairs let the women in, and as they walked past, one of them exclaimed " I don't care who he is, I'm not voting for him" tehehehe Now that's funny.  We were welcomed with open arms.....they were all so glad JM had accepted the invitation.  The food was so tasty....caramel waffles with bacon - what could be wrong with that?  The company was even better.  What a nice bunch of hackers they were... ;) .  As usual, the word to move came without warning....Hey Ho Let's Go - and thank you Tim for coming back to get me.  It was a much too quick visit, with an even faster exit, so in case I missed anyone as I tried to say good-bye..... Thanks room 305, you guys rock.

And for the record, that's where John & Janice signed Joy's (@littledeath303) goatse painting. It was quite a hit for some, and a total gross out for others.  I just laughed.  That night was not the last time I would see that painting....not by a long shot.  In case you haven't seen it, please, feast your eyes.  Crazy shit, man.

next:  Defcon!


If I could only pick one of the words from the multitude I've been using lately to describe all that's been going on in my life, grateful would be it.  Amazing, fantastic, unreal, surreal, awesome, wild, cool-as-shit, like-a-dream, right-at-home, among-friends, in-my-element, Holy crap, and the rest,  are more like footnotes.  The fact of the matter is, that everything happening now is the result of me taking an unknown path....with no idea where it lead to, nor any anticipations of what might be found along the way.  No expectations, no pre-conceived notions.  My only 'expectation' was that the journey would provide me the distraction I needed at the time.  And boy howdy, did it ever.  *Grateful*


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