Saturday, May 3, 2014

IN THE FUTURE....................

JM & FTC meet with Etransfr

Future Tense Central,  that is.  It's here, and it's spectacular.  For anyone who hasn't been keeping up with John McAfee lately, he's been busy.......very busy.  Several weeks ago, FTC launched their first product (in a series) designed to return privacy and security to us, the people.  And boy howdy do we need it.

DCentral1 hit the ground running.  Not surprisingly, this much anticipated app that allows you to see and control the permissions being used by your Android device, has been well received.  Thousands upon thousands of downloads, and 4.7 out of 5 stars within the first week is pretty impressive to me.  Everyone I have shown it to has added it, and then been completely amazed (but not in a good way) at what they were seeing.  We all push that "I Agree" button so fast, but really, until DCentral1, I couldn't have told you what anyone was actually doing with those permissions I granted.

Today, the second product was launched.  Future Tense Central, in partnership with Etransfr released Chadder - a private chat app, that well, keeps it private. ;)  You all know I'm not a techie, so from the FTC site: "Built from the ground up with security & privacy in mind, Chadder encrypts it's messages in such a way that no one can read them - not even Chadder developers.  By utilizing keyserver encryption, Chadder is the way messaging should be - with your privacy at the forefront"  The response has already been fantastic, as anticipated (again).  It's clear the FTC group has put our privacy first, and with JM's security minded input,  the sky's the limit.

JM with R.I.T students

Of course, many of us had no doubt that we would be seeing this sort of creativity from John sooner than later, and he's proven us right.  I like that.... ;)  It does seem slightly surreal when I go back and look at the posts from the beginning of this blog.  So different and so long ago, but then like it was just yesterday. For many of us, the old-timers/die-hards of whoismcafee, it may be the natural progression we expected, but it's still fantastic to see John back in the game, and obviously enjoying every minute of it.

So make sure you check out all the products. will provide links to:
DCentral1 in the Google Play Store (it's just for Android right now).
Chadder in the Google Play Store/Android devices
Chadder for Windows phones

Stay in touch with John & Future Tense Central to see what's next.... @officialmcafee @FTCCORP  or check out my Twitter @WEB_2013.  I always retweet new developments.


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    I imagine the kids at RIT got quite a thrill out of partnering with JM. Very cool. The app needs some more work, but I bet JM has motivated the team and they'll continue working on it (and perhaps future projects) with a renewed sense of hope. Hope is certainly lacking in this world, and a little bit can go a long way.
    Anywho, this is much better than a Howard Hughes ending.

  2. Hey Matthew,
    Totally agree, the world can only take one rich guy walking around using Kleenex boxes as shoes. Who knows whats coming next!